Monday, May 29, 2006

~*The Sisterhood [Part 2]*~

'Holy fucking shit... Who could have done this?'
'I don't know Mike.'
'Christopher, yes I am a cop. But throughout the years there was no such thing as murder in our town. With a knife.'
'I am serious.'
'I'll take photos of this. This has got to be seen.' A young woman-journalist said.
'Mike, damn you, take her away. That's my wife there on the floor. See her? Look at her eyes! You see them madam? You see that?'
'Christopher, calm down. She's going, she's going. See? She's gone.'
'Thank you, Lord.'
'Why don't you want people to know this, Chris?'
I looked at him like I was ready to tear his eyes out. And I really was ready. Mike was my best friend. He also was a police officer. He loved his job. He also was my wife's first boyfriend. My wife had loads of boyfriends because she was amazingly beautiful; no wonder ol' Mikey fell for her. No wonder I fell for her. I was also the lucky one because I was her last boyfriend and her only husband. We've lived together for three years. Of course, we had those minor arguments, everyone does. But that day she was furious. She was wild. I was just afraid of her. So I ran away to another woman. Wouldn't you do the same?
No, you wouldn't. Because you are not a coward as me.
Yes you would. Because you are a sleazy mother fucker as me.
I looked at my dead wife again. She was beautiful. She always looked good. But now she's dead. Not alive. Not with me. I am alone. I am so alone. It's just me, my shadows, my home, my hand, my body, my words, my voice, my pain, my hatred, my table, my bed, my pillow and my cover. Ana never liked sharing covers. Well now she doesn't have to have one. Just because it's all mine. And I am so alone. I am hideous without her.
'Chris? Do you hear me?'
I am hideous without her.
'Chris? Are you ok?'
I am hideous without her.
'Chris, for God's sake, answer me!'
I am hideous without her.
'I am hideous without her! Do you hear me Mike? I am hideous without her! Look at me! I said look at me!' I fell down and hid my face. I indeed was hideous.
'Chris, stand up.'
'Christopher. Stand up for Ana.'
'For Ana?'
'Yeah. For Ana. Let me help you.'
'I love Ana. Will she come with me? Let me help her.' I went nearer my wife's body.
'Ana! Stop playing already, honey. Let's go. I will make you your favorite Latte. I remember - no sugar. Oh stand up, Ana. Annie, come on.'
'Chris, she's dead.'
'Oh, she's just playing. Annie, I love you. Annie! I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. Annie!'

'Chris, will you be a man and look at her dead body? She's dead. She's not alive! Chris, pull yourself together!'
'Am I crazy? Am I crazy, Mike? I am insane. Yeah?'
'You are not. Let's go to the kitchen, I'll make you a cup of tea. Come on.'
He pulled me away from Ana's body. We went to the kitchen. I sat down and drank my tea. It was bitter. Yeah, everything was bitter at that moment.
'Why don't you want the world to know about Ana's death?'
'Why don't you put an obscene sex scene into "Tom & Jerry"?'
Mike looked away. I stopped controlling my thoughts and thought out loud. It was disturbing him. I felt it. He was concerned about me and my mental health, obviously.
'Chris... 3 more women died the same way yesterday. The interval between the death of your wife and Simon Wilson's is about 15 minutes. The second interval is also 15 minutes. And the third is 16 minutes.'
'We're dealing with a fast guy. Huh?'
'We sure are. All of the bodies are now experimented on. All three husbands allowed it. They want to know the killer. I was just wondering...'
'Take the body, Mike. We both know that you don't need my permission. You just let me know.'
'If you put it that way... Yeah, you are probably right.'
'I want to know the killer, Mike. I want to know his name. I want to know ways how to curse him, Mike. You hear me?'
'I hear you, Chris. I hear you. Me too.'
I felt his great and positive energy coming towards me. I've been acting very selfishly. I decided to change that.
'How is your wife, Mike?'
'You have a lot of wives?', I chuckled a bit,'Of course, Elizabeth!' I even smiled a bit.
'She was the third victim. The last one.'
I looked at him. I saw a real man; unlike me, crying like a girl. He was so strong. He was an idol of the moment. He was THE MAN. Not me. I spent the night with a whore and my wife had been murdered. I am a shitty bastard.
'Where were you? How come you didn't protect her?'
'I hate myself for what I have done. I know that you're certainly no priest but can u listen to my confession?'
'You should definitely speak up.'
'We had an argument with Elizabeth. And I went out. I saw a girl... Well, you know, a bitch. And I... I was so angry. I was desperate. I was a piece of shit. And I am a piece of shit until now.'
'I see.'
I didn't tell him that I also was a piece of shit. I didn't have the guts to do it. That situation made me wonder...
'What was her name?' I asked.
'The girl's?'
'You're laughing at me, Chris?'
I kept silent. What was the difference anyway? Why did I ask that?
I watched him writing a note in his notebook. He was writing fast. He was in a hurry. He took his police jacket. And was just about to leave my kitchen, suddenly he stopped. He didn't turn back.
'She was also Elizabeth.'
With these words he went away, leaving me all alone, shocked and inspired by his manhood. I was nothing compared to him and I knew it. I didn't even see a tear in his eye. Not even a little clue of him being sad. He was at work. An excellent officer.
Mike entered the police car. He was thinking about Elizabeth and the banality of her death as he started crying. He took his gun and pointed it towards his head. This was the end. He looked at his reflection in the mirror right in front of him.
'You are pathetic, Mike' he told himself.
He put his gun away. Then he reached out for some more calming pills. They really helped if you took them in large amounts.

Placebo - In The Cold Light Of The Morning
'We're so... We're so... We're so.... We're so alone.'

Monday, May 22, 2006

*~The Sisterhood [Part 1]~*

As I said before, I'm working(working?) on my new massive project, called The Sisterhood. It wont be only one post, cuz it's gonna be a large seed which will unwind into a colossal/prodigious fruit. (I hope so)
This is just Chapter 1. But... I've got the whole thing in my mind. Anyway...
What do you think shall happen next?

I was watching how her bare white skin touched my chest. She was so young but so wanted. Not only by me, by other men also. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, she was slim. And so young, as I said before. I know that I am not a perfect kind of guy and she can never be mine, but at this moment I just wanted to hurt her ideal skin, just to leave a mark. That she was mine. At least a couple of times. I wanted to get out of bed where we'd lain and get a knife. I wanted to cut her skin. I wanted to leave my initial. But her warm embrace would never let me. I could only touch her face. I could only touch her skin. I could not hurt it. Could not.
'Do you believe in God?'
I didn't understand why she has just asked this question. I turned away from her, looked at the crucifix that was hanging on the wall and I closed my eyes.
'I don't know'
Then I kept silent again. I could not place God in my life. He was something so distant, so perfect. So far away from me. Well, who was I? I was a guy who has just paid a prostitute to stay for the night because I had an argument with my wife. We shouted at each other like wild animals. And so I took my stuff and went out to have a drink or two... Or three. I didn't even lock the door. I left it open while she closed the door to her room. What the fuck, I thought. And I ended up here. Yet she asks me at this here moment, do I believe in God? Who the fuck is God? He is something I unconsciously believe in.
'Yeah. I believe in God', I replied.
She also turned away from my body, leaving me alone, without her warm embrace. I heard her taking a deep breath. Then she stood up to have a drink of water. First, she put my t-shirt on, and then step by step she went into the bathroom. I heard water running there. Then she turned it off. She came back and sat next to me.
'Watching me, Tiger?'
'Is there any other person to watch in this joint?
'Guess not. Did you enjoy yourself?', she asked and smiled at me as her hair fell down on my body.
'Sure', I smiled, 'Hope to repeat it soon!'
She bit her lips and went near the window and looked.
'Could you only imagine how powerful the world would be if every president in every country would be a woman? Just imagine!'
'No, thanks. A woman is a beautiful creature who is meant to be loved. And well, looking pretty is enough.'
She smiled at me and lit her cigarette.
'You're just afraid.'
'Of a tiny little girl?'
'Of a woman with a brain.'
'Nah. A woman with a brain is dangerous. But harmless. Girls are adorable yet harmless creatures.'
'Just imagine, Christopher. What laws would flow all over the world. If you touch a woman and she wouldn't like it. They'd castrate you.'
She started laughing. I acted like I didn't hear her comment.
'And loads of women could be priests. I always wanted to say "The Body of Christ" and hear a reply "Amen". And I always wanted to hear confessions and teach people... And tell them their mistakes. But I never wanted to be a nun. How banal is it. Or... I wanted to be a driver.'
'You can be a driver.'
'An age ago I wouldn't be able.'
I felt unsure. I wanted to ask her real name.
'What's your name? The real one?'
'Which one do you like?'
Now I realized. I spent the night with a bitch. Only the bitch who has done this wasn't her; it was me. Only now I started to think about my wife. My Ana.
'My name is Ana. Good bye Christopher. Hope to see you soon.' She smiled and took the money. She also took yet another cigarette and lit it. She went out smoking. Ana. Ana? Ana!
I put my clothes on, washed my face; I tried to smile at myself whilst looking into the mirror.
'It's going to be swell, old chump', I said hating myself for what I have done,' Ana will never know. Never.'
I got into my car, put on some jazz. Something classic. Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, stuff like that.
'Damn good' I said to myself. I even smiled. How banal of me to smile if I just fucked a bitch while my wife was at home crying, 'Her fucking fault', I said to myself, ensured that everything's ok. I'm the man.
I parked the car as I usually did and saw that the lights were on and I even heard the TV on.
'She's fine.' I thought
I opened our front door which was suspiciously unlocked and went into my home. I went into the dinning room; the lights were on, very weird. I turned them off.
'Little Ana is afraid of the dark?' I thought aloud.
'Come out, come out where ever you are' I heard a giggle and some voices.
Pretty lady is already with her friend and waiting for me to kick my ass with a frying pan. Not this time. Damn. Let me make a serious face, I was opening the door to her room silently and slowly while rehearsing my speech,' Ana, if it continues this way, me and you shall not be together. I lo... I lo... I... Ana? Ana! Aanaaa...'
This was a site I'd never forget. These kinds of sites haunt people eternally. My wife was lying on the floor besides a puddle of blood and in approximately 3 meters from her, a huge knife was lying. My jaw just opened and I wasn't able to speak up. Murder? Someone has murdered my wife. Step by step, I was walking backwards until I stumbled on to a wall. I slid down. My hands started to shake and I started to make unidentified sounds. I cried, I swore, I cursed, I hit the walls with my hands until they were bleeding.
'What have I done... What have I done...' I tried to say but it sounded more like: 'Wha ve aa d'n'eee.' Something a 1 year old baby is trying to say. I was constantly looking at Ana, who'd lain there with no movement. I crawled closer to her and started hitting her. No reaction. I started shouting and crying. Someone has just murdered my wife while I was screwing around. Someone has murdered my wife. I wasn't there to protect her.
'What do I exist for?' I screamed like somebody has been cutting a hole through me; it sounded awful, even I, myself, got frightened of my own voice, I had no idea how hideous I looked with no Ana. I looked at her vanity mirror. I shouted and broke it. Now my hand was bleeding badly. I slid down holding on to the wall again and just sat there. Just sat there swaying a bit like a Jew while he's praying. I started laughing silently.
It was only me, my wife's body and the knife. The TV was also on. She was watching cartoons before she died. This explains the giggling and talking that I heard before I saw her dead.

I started touching my teeth with my tongue and found it quite fun. I did that for some minutes and started biting my tongue softly. I pretended it was chewing gum. Then I sat there opening my jaw, closing my jaw. Then I imagined ways how I would kill the little cocksucker. I'd cut him in pieces, I'd inject viruses into his blood, I'd cut his throat. Yeah, goddamn it, I was a hero in my own imagination. Also, in my imagination, if I killed the murderer, Ana would come to life and then we'd kiss. We'd kiss for a long time.
...She's dead.....
I suddenly snapped out of it all, realized what I was doing, and stood up. I went to the kitchen to get the phone to call the police. (It took me quite long to realize that, obviously.) Also took some calming pills as I waited for the police's arrival.

Monday, May 15, 2006

[]...Doodlin' Around ;D~...[]

As I promised my Juicy Mangue, I'm posting my doodle :D
It wasnt originally designed like that, she was naked :P
But my personal & favourite censorer, Yorkie, censored it & I drew some clothes. How thoughtful am I :P
I have a maaaaaaassive idea for a new story. Its going to be huuuuuuuge. lol :D I've started working on it but havent finished it yet :) But I really hope, u guys would like it :D

John & Vangelis - Friends Of Mr Cairo (Shiiiiiit, all those Hollywood Gangster Movies, Looove them :))

Thursday, May 04, 2006

More on THE EDYTAS ;D~

A crime has happened. I was walking along the empty street when *crash* I was tagged by Sam. He's still out there, somewhere. Careful. lol :D
Anywayz, the rules r to tell u 6 of my dirrrrrrtiest secrets. (not) You wish! I just have to say 6 weird things abt my mental self :)

1. Speaking abt the moon. When I see a full moon, I always think abt the mental hospital. YES. Mental Hospital. I always think that the patients there become too hyper & lush. Weird.
2. Ever since I was little, I liked drawing girls. I cant draw a normal flower or a simple heart. Well maybe I can but this doesn't bring me satisfaction. Drawing girls is loads of fun for me. Dressed or naked, alive or dead. (Dirrrrrty)
3. I think that the most beautiful woman in the universe is my mum. She's soooo cute :D (but hey, this wasnt weird, whatever :))
4. Before buying something I always have the 'did-i-bring-money-with-me' syndrome. And ppl are afraid going shopping with me. It's like torture. Boo.
5. I have the tendency to make everyone feel bad if i feel bad. Everyone keeps silent when I feel bad. Shiiit. I'm dangerous.
6. I always get sick on schedule. Fall: Most likely October/November, Winter/Spring: The end of Febrauary/March (that's one) The end of April/May. This year I'm sick right on time. lol
Speaking of diseases.

Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
Edyta's Lurgy
Cause:mosquito bite
Symptoms:loss of weight, shouting, cranial bloating

& here's a picture of me & my mum, whom I really miss at the moment.

6 ppl to tag? Hmm.. Well most of the ppl are tagged already but luckily for me Tsar isn't tagged :P Also, If MAJ would like to do it, so plz, be my guests. The rules r simple, 6 weird things abt u. (or dirrrty things) :D

Phill Collins - Another Day In Paradise (Manguess? Yes, I also like Philsss.)
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (Geniuses. Pure geniuses.)
How revealing this post was. lol :D


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