Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Greyed To Death (Old Hollywood) |<3|

Greyed to death
Their black eyes look; though they are greyly blue
And grey blondes are symbols
The glimmer on photographs
Is unseen to the human eye
Yet noticed by our mind.
They're smiling with
Their grey white teeth
And show their best friends:
The grey diamonds and
The grey 24 carat gold.
Our blushing cheeks were kissed
By their grey bloody red lips
Blown from a grey white hand
Covered with grey red nail polish

We're still platforms.
They're still glamour.

Greyed to death
Only the Bible has its
Initial color-
Only there murder is greyly black-
Like it has to be.
We hear their grey sweet voices
We dwell on their grey pain
We keep them colorfully grey
In our greyed to death

On screen, off screen - they are
Greyly colorful
Just like your mind noticed them.
You still admire them until now
As they stopped their grey breath
After all these years they're still alive
Although they're greyed to death.

Pictures: The Beautiful Marlene Dietrich

Friday, August 25, 2006

Puss is in Da House------!!

Thank You so much PJ for tagging me :)
Things about my Puss. She's sooooo cuteeeeeee & I love her. Wanna find out why?

1. My mum says Puss is just like me: doesnt eat fish, always complains, doesnt like when someone touches her when she's not in the mood etc. Well. Can't argue with those things.
2. Last summer when I arrived in Moscow (& was hell tired) we closed the door & went to sleep. However, it appeared that Pussycat wanted to get out of the room but she couldnt open the door. So she looked at me & my mum & said : 'Mama'. Animals talking?
3. Puss is a sweeeeeeeeet alarm clock towards me but a drastic one towards my mum :) Lemme explain: She scratched my mum & she was touching my hand by her palm sooo softly & saying: 'Miau'. I melted on that scene.

4. She is soooooooooo fucking talkative. When my mum calls me from Moscow i can't get with whom am i talking? With my mum or with Puss? Hear her miaus the whole time :) Also, abt her being talkative: the windiw in summer is always open & loads of flies & insects fly through it & Queen Pussey tries to catch 'em. But she fails, sadly. & she comes to my mum & complains about her deep sadness & apathy of uncought flies. (here's the moment where everyone cries)
5. Puss likes to play Matrix. Yup. Once, i was listening to my mp3 player & suddenly saw Pussey running through out the whole room, jumping on the bed & jumping off it in SLOW MOTION. Go get those men in black glasses, Puss.

Now, I need to tag some victimes*cough*people who werent tagged yet.
Tsar (bro)
Yaney (were you tagged?)
Of course, there is no pressure. Absolutely. :)
I shall share some new poems asap :)

Saturday, August 19, 2006


O Natchnienie! Muzo mlodosci!
Pozwol mi dotknac Cie
Jako dotknelas kiedys mnie
Prosze wroc!
Ale nie zyjesz juz dla mnie!
Byc moze tylko slowa sa moim krzykiem,
Ciche i glosne w ten sam czas
Czy ktokolwiek slyszy, ze wolam? Nie.
O! Jak zimno byc nieslyszana dusza.
Byc moze sciany uslysza moje slowa?
Siedze jedna w tych bialych lzach i krzycze
By mnie uslyszeli
Nie slysza.
Spocona i cicha
Martwa i wroga
I calkiem jedna
Porzucona przez
Stalo sie.

Inspiration! The Goddess Of Youth!
Let me touch you
How you once touched me
Please, you have to come back!
But you died for me
You left.
May haps my words are my scream
Whispers and shouts at the same time
Does anyone hear my cry for help? No.
It's so cold to be an unheard soul.
Perhaps walls could hear me out?
Sitting here, devoured by white tears
I shout.
For them to hear me out
They don't hear me.
Sweaty and silent
Dead and deadly
Abandoned by
It happened.


Monday, August 07, 2006

|*| My Brother |*|

Hey! I decided to change again. I think I am settled now :) I love this one. The girl who made it is a genius :) Abt today's story: I think this is the most childish text I've ever written. But it has always meant so much to me. I even don't know why. I was laughing at the beginning & almost crying when I wrote the last sentence. My friend, Agata, told me her review on this text in winter, this i remember. I'll never forget these words (I quote): 'Soaa... This drunkass guy was a girl?' :D She also said that the ending was drastic cuz she thought that AT LAST Edyta wrote sumthin' funny. Not this time, I guess ;)Anywho, hope ya like it & why do I like this text? It's my own Utopia. It makes me feel cozy. It's a strange text. And yes. I am strange. Cheers!

'Hey, what's up...?'
'Listen, I just ... I don't know how to tell you this, but... I don't mean to hurt you or something...'
'All right...'
'Well, it's over... Ok? I've got another girl and... Am... You know... That sort of stuff...'
'O... K...'
'Not angry?'
'No, no... I'm fine. Ok... Then... Bye... huh?'
'Hmm... Well, you took it easy... That's cool... No seriously, we can still be friends.'
(Fuck You!)
'Yeah sure, sure. Bye now.'
'Ok... Bye.'
I turned around. Walked slowly, I had to make you think that I was ok. I tried to breathe normally. I've almost made it... Yes, yes... That corner... That turn to the left and you won't see me. Made it!

And burst into tears... Tears, tears, tears... So fucking meaningless... I was just sitting there crying... Kicked that garbage can and it fell down, causing all of the smelly shit to lie chaotically on the ground. No, I didn't care. And with the sound of:
'You fucking goddamn asshole, you shitty slut, you worn-out bitch! You used me... You used me... He used... me... Shit...', I closed my eyes, wishing you would be back in my arms.
I wanted to open my eyes and see you there again, smiling, as you always were... I opened my eyes and saw the same street. Everything was the same. Only it was night.
'What the...'
I took a look around. Yeah, it was very dark. I asked this old lady for the time. And it was kind of late... Eleven PM sharp. I decided that I didn't give a shit anymore, so come on baby, let's go to the store. And so I did. Well, I didn't buy anything useful, that's for sure. Just some drinks, the hard ones. Yeah, the heavy artillery. I went to the bus stop, sat there and drunk my medicine. Hell, yeah, it felt good.
'To you, bitch... Cheers!', I drunk all of the liquid out of the bottle.
I had one more bottle. I was sitting there like an alcoholic-maniac-drug-addict-kinda-thing and that was when I noticed that all of the people, who were sitting near me, got up and decided to stand three steps further. That's right... Keep a distance, ladies.
'Fine... Cowards...' I opened another bottle.
Well, by the time I finished this bottle, I was extremely drunk. Then I remembered that I still had to get home. I looked and, hooray, there was the late bus. God bless this bus driver. I somehow got into this bus, sat in the back sit and tried to keep my head straight. Well, that was a difficult job, indeed. I almost fell asleep but then I heard that it was my stop, I struggled, held onto some guy (not less drunk than me, for sure) and got out of the bus.
'Thanks, dude...'
'Yeah, baby, don't get screwed..'
'Right on!'
Well, I entered my home, everyone was sleeping. (Wait, I forgot to tell you the story how I put my key into the key hole... Skip this? Right, ok...)
I closed the front door and sat there on the floor, covering my face. I sat like that, flying from planet to planet for about twenty minutes. Then I realized that I need to stay cool and not let anyone know about what happened. I crawled in the dark, like an idiot but still, I reached my room. Well, yeah, my dog was afraid of me. Thanks God, dogs can't laugh, I'd be the laughing stunt of the century, that's for sure. I took my clothes off and got into my bed. It was really cold. And my dog has always lain besides me, but not this time. No, sir. Say... Can dogs smell alcohol? (Yes, Einstein) And I fell asleep. Who knows, maybe I was snoring. But I woke up with a disgusting feeling.

'Morning, sis...'
'Morning, bro...'
'And? What's up?', he looked at me in that suspicious way
'You're going to tell on me?'
'Well, that's the right thing to do, but... If you tell me what's up, maybe I'll reconsider.'
'Bullshit, Martin. Nothing's wrong.'
'Sure, sure. And the aliens have landed.'
'Seriously! Those green gooey monsters... Oh my God... When I saw them I was like... (Moment of silence) Didn't buy it, did you?'
'We split up.'
(Moment of silence)
'He rang today.'
'And you said?'
'Come on...'
'I said you're with my friend. Jeff.'
I looked down. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! I love my big brother!
'And... I think he wants you back...'
'I hope you won't let me go.'
'No way. You're flying with me like... Like...'
'A fly on shit? - Our Beloved phrase'
'Love you...' I smiled and embraced him.

I somehow stood up from my bed. I was holding onto walls as I made my first steps. That's right, like a newly born kid. I heard a cough.
I could have sworn that was my brother. I thought that I'll see him in the kitchen! Yes, he has to be there.
No... Not even a shadow... My mind playing tricks on me again...
Why did you die, bro? I always dream about you. I goddamn miss you.
Now let me get on with figuring out a way out of the mess I've created. It's so difficult without you.


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