Thursday, January 26, 2006

BUY* ME (**Or Get me Free)

Sell me Stretch me
Buy me Hurt me
Get me Thrill me
Take me Deceive me
Rape me Fight me
Fuck me Release me
Break me Bury me
Fake me Improve me
Copy me Deny me
Kill me Drive me
Feel me Ride me
Reject me Save me
Prevent me Free me
Create me Torture me
Cut me Carry me
Call me Suck me
Devour me Ignore me
Curse me Chop me
Force me Irritate me
Make me Put me
Draw me Embarrass me
Write me Shoot me
Hate me Hang me
Greet me Drown me
Delete me Pin me
Erase me Frustrate me
Remove me Change me
Destroy me Frighten me
Surround me Fool me
Abandon me Bruise me
Leave me Lose me
Please me Bet me
Satisfy me Regret me
Pay me Refuse me
Give me Tease me
Want me Doubt me

All this and more is yours if you
Keep me hostage.
Don't call us, we'll call you.
eBay. Always a bargain.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Echoes Of Retro

...Falling in love again
Never wanted to
What am I to do?
I can't help it...

'Ms Nicholson, you look amazing.'

'Cigar, Brett?'
'Michael. Be my guest. This must be Susanne.'
'Oh, so glad to meet you, Mr. Peterson'
'Brett. Just Brett. Amazing Necklace.'
'Oh, Brett, you're a darling!'
'I'm nothing in front of you, Susanne!'
'Oh, Brett, isn't that Mary?'
'T'is. May I be excused?'
'Why surely. Michael, I want to dance!'
'Of course!'

...Golden Days, golden days
Days of mad romance and love
Then youth was mine
Then truth was mine...

'Fancy meeting you here, Ms. Hampton.'
'Indeed. It's Mary', she whispered,' don't make a fool of me!'
'How's Howard?'
'You're starting that again.'
'Shall we dance?'
But he didn't listen and swayed the miss all around the hall.

Women with cigarettes and powder, men smoking cigars, playing pool (not to mention those expensive suits and Chanel dresses for the ladies). A beautiful sight.

... Never know how much I love you
Never know how much I care
When you put your arms around me
I get a fever that's so hard to bear...

'Not in front of the people, John.'
'People, people, that's all you think about!'
'I'm sorry. But everybody can see.'
'So? Enjoy life, Elizabeth.'
'Surely. Oh Shirley? Shirley, darling! This is a fine dress you're wearing!'
'Elizabeth! My goodness! Now this is a surprise!'
'Oh, you changed so much! They grow up so fast… Seems it was yesterday as you were calling me auntie. And now this!'
'Oh, Elizabeth, I can call you auntie still!'
'Oh... Ha... No, no, darling, that would make me feel old!'
'Ha... Elizabeth... Everybody grows old and only you grow young!'
'Pardon, ladies, that's Mr. Crayson, the owner of the party. I just must speak to him!'
'Oh sure, John!'
'Look at Mrs. Crayson. The poor dear looks so bad. Good Lord!'
'Elizabeth, I'm sure that your remarks are worthy. But I have to accompany Mr. Crowling.'
'Yes, yes. Quite sure, honey. Have fun.'
The old lady was sitting there smoking her cigarette, looking at people. She took a mirror, looked at herself. She couldn't help it, her hips swayed to the sound of that delightful jazz. Yeah... The piano... The singer looked almost like Marlene Dietrich. But it wasn't her. Elizabeth threw out her cigarette and she took the second one.
'Wine, Madame?'
'Why thank you.'
'Have a nice evening.'
He left, she held onto the wall. It was becoming hard to stand in high heels and smile.

...Good for nothin'
Men are good for nothin'
I never saw a good one yet
Good for nothin'
Men are good for nothin'
And if you love him
Nothing's what you'll get! ...

'Oh what song, dearie!'
'About our husbands!'
'Oh, indeed, Maggie. I will come home now and start singing in front of him! Good for nothin'!'
'Invite me first!'
'Oh... Ha...'
'What a laugh!'

'Ladies and gentlemen!', said Mr. Crayson,' the song that opened this party will close it! Put your hands together for Falling In love Again!'


...Falling in love again
Never wanted to
What am I to do?
I can't help it...

'No way, Mary I will do a party like that again! Themed parties are shit.'
'What the hell, man? I chilled.'
'Yeah. My brains are hacking out cause of that retro jazz shit.'
'Go to hell!'
'Bennassi! Now that's my kind of thing.'
'Yeah, man, I guess Bennassi's cool.'
'Mary, you're so old fashioned!'
'Bennassi. Push me. And then just hurt me. Til' I can get my satis-fuck-tion.'
'Stop it, M'. Not funny.'

Sunday, January 22, 2006


They are loved, hated, made, painted
They smile, lie, look, though they’re blind
They won't see me with closed eyes.
They won't see me if they open them
They won't see my spirit

Ashes, shreds, dreams, fears
They live, they disappear
They believe though lie
They cry though deceive.
They learned to control life
They can give it, they can take it

Constantly... Step by step...
Now medieval ages are history
No longer a mystery
Now they don’t need God
They don't need anyone to control them
They don't need good kings
They don't need salvation
They don't need me,
To your consideration
They don't need books
They don't need facts
Nor shit like that
They don't need themselves
They cut their skin
Bring the animals within
And no one cares
No one dares
They run faster, further
Who falls, is left behind
Who knows, keeps it in his mind
They don’t need your ideas
They don’t need you
They need your brain for surgery
And your soul for murdering
Then you’re free to go
And if you rot or die
They don't need to know.
So generous and loving
They need to hear what they want to hear
They need to shock and make a carrier
They need to be better than me
That's why they need to burry me
They need diseases
(That’s when they relax)
They need logic
They need pressure

They' ll make your thoughts obvious and portable
And welcome you to the mental hospital.

Friday, January 20, 2006

~*Playing Cards*~

I was watching you. You were concentrated on those cards and that paper, where I've written all of the scores. I was winning this time for sure. You won't make me give up and you won't make me lose. No, not this time, sir.
'Drunk your wine?' You looked at my empty glass.
'So why are you quiet? You should have told me, that you want more!'
You took the bottle and filled my glass with wine. You looked annoyed, not because I was quiet, just because you were losing this time.
'Cheers?', you asked
'To your victory.'
Oh, such irony in your voice. You have no idea how it hurts me.
I smiled at you. My smile was fake and you noticed that, still, we both were quiet. I've already raised my glass. I wanted to touch your hand, not your glass. At the last moment I thought...

What if I ...
There was a crash. I saw your facial expression when I 'accidentally' dropped my glass. You were so calm and mild, as if you expected this to happen.
Congratulations! It happened.
There were shreds of glass lying all around the floor. You looked at me and I looked at you. Unconsciously I bit my lips and looked down.
'Nine of hearts', I said
'Ten of spades. Leader.'
'King of spades.'
'Ace of spades.'
'Ace of hearts.'
You took the whole heap of cards. Then you looked at me while I was putting my points down.
'Another 3 points?'
Yes. Another 3 points. But I keep silent. I don't want you to be angry. I want you to be vicious. I want you to shiver with anger.
I smiled back at you. I took my hair pin off. I wanted to feel free and evil. You made the music quieter.
'I don't like jazz anyway.'
I looked down at the shreds of my glass. Then looked up at you again.
'Six of clubs', I said and that made you angry.
'Ten of clubs'
'Six of diamonds'
'Ten of diamonds'
'Six of spades'
'Ten of spades'
'Ten of hearts'
'Shit... Damn you... '
You look adorable when you're angry.
I took the paper to add some points for myself. But you took the paper away from me, tore it into shreds and threw them all around the place. Then you took the cards and looked at them. You almost cried. I stayed put, not to interrupt your act of aggression. I loved it.
You threw those damn cards at the wall... But they fell down on the floor covering the shreds of glass and paper. You looked at me. You didn't like my calmness. You came closer to me. I went one step away. You were coming closer... Closer... Closer...
The wall. Nowhere to go. But I stayed so calm that you could barely breathe. You embraced me and kissed me. That meant much to you. But you saw that I didn't react so you let me go. You went and sit on the bed. And you started to cry.
You know that I think that only strong and passionate men cry.
I looked at you for a moment. I knew that you wanted me to come. So I took my hair pin and walked out of the room. You wanted me to look back.
No, no I won't do it.
I silently walked away. You looked at my fading
then stood up to look through the window to see me, walking down the road. You took a deep breath.
And no one noticed the queen of spades lying on the table, smiling almost like Mona Lisa.


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