Monday, July 31, 2006

I Died Yesterday

I decided that it was time to change. I must admit, I really loved my previous layout. But it started to wound my eyes. We all need changes, don't we?
Anyway, today I'd like to share something that I am very proud of up to this day. By this poem, I feel a sense of acomplishment because someone of my friends (i don't remember who, remind me? Yes. Sclerosis.) said it was a CLASSIC. Woah. That's the best compliment I have ever received. I really hope you enjoy it & tell me what do you think about it. :)
The only sad thing about my new lay is that i had to wave bye-bye to Scoobz. I dunno how to make him smaller to fit in : Anyway, hope you're all fine. & (as Sams would say) Peace & Happiness in a world that lacks it. Today I dedicate this poem to the people that died in Lebanon. It's the fucking least I could do. I wish I could do more.

I died yesterday
The sun was shining
I never said good bye
I died yesterday
The world was smiling
No one even saw it
Wait...wait...Saw what?
Nothing, nothing changed

Who r u talking to?

Someone else died with me
I don't remember his name
Jumped of a bridge
He only said he had himself to blame
Someone else died with me
Damn... I can't remember his name

It's your fault

I died yesterday
But it feels like
I'm dying everyday
You made me this?
I died yesterday

You took me with you

I didn't even touch you

You took me with you

Yeah, that guy died with me
It was all yesterday
Did you spot his suicide?
I died yesterday
Seems he was by my side
I remember him staying alive
Yeah, what's-his-name died

I went there with you

I didn't want you to

I need you, I always do

I didn't want you to

I loved you

We died yesterday
Hey, you! Did you see that?
Me and that guy, whoever he is
We died yesterday
That was the end of the world
Did you feel our death?

You loved me?


We talk much

Anyway, how's life now?
Didn't change a bit?
How's Sally? Catherine?
Burnt candles that were never lit
A lot of things happened?
Oh, you know and by the way
I died yesterday


Monday, July 24, 2006

* * * (What A Good Way To Lie)

What a good way to lie
What a nice heart to bruise
What a nice moment to lose
What a nice time to die

I've been wrong but silent
I've kissed all of your sins
Now I know what it means
To be fucked and violent

Damn it all, but your voice
Was kind and warm... Cold...
Made me do as I was told
I've never had any choice

A moment like this shit
Of your kisses and touches
My falls and your catches
You've made me like spit

Stepped on me, smiled
How good was I, when enslaved?
How I worried 'till felt faint?
And you, always so calm and mild...

I don't know why I have suffered
Because you made me love?
But you never had enough
I know, to you, I've never mattered

Who fucking hears me now?
Your eyes which don't give a shit?
Or your words which made me bleed?
- Shh... Honey, you're speaking too loud...

You've always been wrong
Damn it, I've always waited
As I realized that I am hated
Fuck, why did it take me so long?

I knew I had to break the border
And tell you everything you won't miss
To make it hurt, I'll end it with a kiss
I missed you, loved you, but it's over.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

[Vice Versa]...=...[asreV eciV]

skaerb eht gnittih fo deatsni ti no pets I
gniyrc fo deatsni hgual I
gnivig fo deatsni ekat I
riaper t'nod I; kaerb I
teahc I, tsenoh er'uoy enhW
daelp I, gniviecer er'uoY
desiurb m'I, tcefrep er'uoY
detaefed m'I, renniw eht er'uoY
tsud m'I dna naelc er'uoY
hguone evah I nehw erom evah uoY
eci tips I, erif tae uoY
ecivda evig I, sredro evig uoY
tsol ma I dna efas era uoY
tsoc I dna yenom evig uoY
lamron era uoy tub tif t'nod I
.lanrete era uoy, deid tsuj I

No. You are fine,
It's just me who's

Art By: Luis Royo

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

*~The Sisterhood [Part 6]~*

I know I promised to bring it earlier. But one member of my family died. I needed some time. But as they say... It's better later than never... Or something like that. I hope you enjoy the last part of The Sisterhood. :) I wanna thank everyone who read it and wrote me their opinions, questions, ideas... That was very sweet of you. I have a lot of other things to share with you :) I think I shall share some poetry with you next time:) Oh well, meanwhile here's part 6... Lemme know whatcha think LOL :) Hope you all r fine and as Sam would say: Peace & Happiness to all. (In fact... Nope, not to all :P :D~)
'Ana?', I said when I was in front of her doorstep, 'Ana... I need to talk to you. When can we go to the temple?'
'Chris? It's early morning... What are you talking about? What temple? When? Chris, what are you doing here?' Ana couldn't understand what I was talking about.
'Ana... Just tell me, when we can go to the Temple Of Silvia?' I said it, Ana's eyes started glowing as if she suddenly regained consciousness.
'Come in.' she said.
So I did. I felt rather uncomfortable; I had a bad dream, my wife was dead and I suddenly came to the house of a certain prostitute to whom I've always come and she wasn't and never has been a member of the Sisterhood. She was not a Badhelian. Rewind... What?
She stood in her purple night gown looking at me with strange eyes; I saw some delight in them. I also saw some pain. One thing I knew for sure; hell, she was interested. She was interested in my actions. She wanted to be my right hand man. Woman, whatever.
She came near me and started kissing me on the lips. It was something like a routine to her, I wasn't against but this time this kiss was out of place. But me, as a man, I didn't mind.
'You want to see those dungeons? You will risk it, Chris? We could be caught.'
'Ana... I need to see it. I need to find a way to prevent The Sisterhood from becoming a religion, a cult. I want to prevent it from the world. I want it to vanish again. Like that time.'
'She knew that it was time for the sisterhood to disappear to be able to come back again.'
I shivered. I was hearing voices? Ana looked at me because she noticed me looking peculiar.
'Tomorrow, Chris. We will see the Temple of Silvia tomorrow. Not today, Chris. I have work today.'
'Ok, Ana.'
This time I kissed her. Not to express my gratitude but to let her know that she was THE BITCH and I was her master.
I went out of Ana's home. I was feeling dizzy. Heck, I was feeling like a used Snickers wrapper paper. All those thoughts? What did they mean? I had a mixture of feelings every time I saw Ana. I wanted to love her but I wanted to enslave her. I wanted to kiss her but I wanted to hit her. I was thinking about my wife but that prostitute's faces appeared in front of mine. I didn't like this mixture.
'Holy crap, Mike. You scared the shit out of me.'
'That's why I am a police officer. Where were you on the 9th of August, 1996?'
'Drinking my ass off with you, sir.'
'Damn. Let's not put it in the record.'
Tell him or not? Tell him or not? Tell him! Tell him! Tell him!
... Or not.
'Yeah, Chris?'

'Oh, nothing. There is this guy monk walking around after me.'
'Ah, I know this fellow, nice fellow, indeed.'
'But he is insane.'
'No he ain't. He's a normal guy, just like us 2. Just he chose his God.'
'You talk a lot with him?'
'Yeah sure, Christopher. But I hear you like your new girlfriend. Hope you know she is a prostitute.'
'She is not my girl...'
'Say, Chris? I fucked her when my wife died.'
I was shocked. I couldn't speak for a moment. He said that he slept with someone called Elizabeth. Her name was Ana, this I knew solidly.
'Mike! You told me her name was Elizabeth! Elizabeth!'
'Is it difficult for you to say that your name is Mike, Chris?'
With this he left. He left me and my thoughts. As well as my fears. So that night we all slept with Ana? I mean Elizabeth. I mean with Ana. With THE BITCH?
I went home and I didn't come out. It was raining. Good thing that we didn't go to the dungeons of The Temple of Silvia today. We would be as wet as sunken ships. This thing has always scared me: Ship Cemeteries. Somewhere there, under those gallons of water so many ships are laying, inhabited by sharks. Inhabited by other fish. Those dark rooms where the sun doesn't reach are as dead as the people who sunk with the ship or who sunk overboard. Those ships are like people. They died. Like those planes that crashed and sank in the ocean. Water is a dangerous thing. Water and women are dangerous.
With such thoughts my day ended. Now I looked forward to visiting the temple. I knew something had to be done; I wanted to kill the so-called Silvia of today. Without the leader the tribe is nothing. Ah, yes, my beautiful knife. That's the stuff. I can already imagine it going into the body of Silvia, whoever she is. Tomorrow's a big day, champ. Ana, baby, I will do it for you. I will kill the bitch. I swear, baby, for you. I miss you but I still keep your diary locked although I want to know all of your secrets. I kiss it everyday, Ana. I miss you and your voice. Ana... You were the perfect wife. Were. Yes, the past from. You died, Aney, you left me alone. How badly I want you back. I still love my wife. My dead wife.
With such chaotic thoughts I went to bed. My mind was a mess. But I didn't dream anything. Not even about Ana, my wife. But I wanted.
Early in the morning that day Ana came to my house. She knocked on the door. I looked through the window; she was wearing a black dress. It was long but it stressed the beauty of her body. I let her in with no words.
'Chris... We must go. The sun almost reached the zenith. We can't go to the temple in the evening, it's more dangerous. Do you understand me? Also now, we will see the dungeons clearly because of the sun. It was raining yesterday. Hurry, Christopher.'
I hurried and got dressed. I took my knife. I ran out of the room along with Ana. But this time she was walking very fast. I couldn't catch up.
'Ana, wait, I can't go so fast. What's the rush? The sun won't hide in like... 7 hours!'
'Chris, they are the weakest before the sun reaches the zenith.'
'The Badhelians!'
'Ana, that's just a legend, they don't really exist. Or should I call you... Elizabeth?'
Ana came near me. She was furious.
'Don't you dare say anything about the job I have. And it's you, men, who are guilty in the deaths of your wives. Blame yourself.'
She started to walk away slowly. I followed her. She had a point. What was the difference, anyway?
'I'm sorry, Ana. I'm sorry.' I said.
She was silent. But then she spoke quietly to me.
'Did you have a dream? Did you dream of the Badhelians, Chris?'
I already wanted to nod and answer 'yes' when she told me not to answer.
'Me too. They are waiting for us and it's better if we go when they are weaker.'
I regret saying that ship cemeteries are scary. History coming to life is much scarier. I almost started praying. But not to God. To Badhelia. Because it was that Goddess in whom I believed now. I had proof. Faith needs proof.
We entered the temple and I felt cold. Like someone was breathing on me with ice breath. It was a scary feeling. As we went deeper to the beyond I saw some glowing eyes in the dark and they weren't bats. They were girls. I saw some dark silhouettes; they weren't moving. They looked like statues. But I felt their stare at me. They were alive. I was walking behind Ana and I was holding her hand because I was more scared than her. A lot more scared. I was even shaking. Shaking because I was cold and shaking because I was scared.
We entered a large room. It took us ages to get here. But this room looked very familiar. It was the same room where Silvia killed those 2 Vikings in my dream. This room was very bright and it looked exactly the same... Only a couple of ages older.
I noticed something missing in me. I couldn't understand what.
'Let the ritual begin!' a woman screamed. I knew her. She was a widow. Wait... She sacrificed her own husband for the Sisterhood? She was young and beautiful. She wore a red dress.
I looked around this huge room and saw that there were a lot of girls here wearing different outfits. But all of the dresses were made of silk. All of the girls were beautiful... I had a bizarre thought... Maybe they were friendly?
'Bring the man!' another woman screamed.
I felt some cold steel on my back. So much for friendliness.
'You shall die!' I heard this from a 12 year old girl.
I couldn't bear it. It was too much. I realized what was missing in my. Rather on me. Ana's hand. They caught her. They caught her. Now I am doomed. I have to find and kill the leader. Now or never. Come on, Chris. Don't be THE BITCH!
'Where is Silvia?' I screamed.
They were looking at me. But then one of them said:
'No man dares calling her name!'
'On your knees, slave!' Another girl told me. And I fell down on my knees. But I didn't give up.
'I need Silvia! Silvia! Silvia!' I screamed.
All of the sudden the Badhelians divided themselves into two groups and made way for a certain person. I already knew that it would be Silvia.
Silvia was walking slowly but she was sure of her actions. That girl came near me and smiled.
'Silvia?' I asked silently.
'No.' she replied and I felt that someone hit me from the behind.
I woke up after ten minutes all tied up on the floor. I was laying on the symbol of the Goddess, of Badhelia. I remembered my mission and I screamed again.
'I need Silvia! Silvia!'
I looked at Silvia. And I almost fainted.

'Wouldn't you know it? You are naive, Chris... All Badhelians have their Sisterhood symbols under their breasts but the true leader has it on the neck, Chris. Haven't you already noticed that on your wife's funeral?'
'Silvia.' She smiled at me,' How was your dream, tiger? Now you know about the sisterhood?'
'Damn bitch... how could you...'
'The leader's job is the most difficult one. I had to sleep with you. I had to be your friend. I had to tell your wife to commit suicide. I had to kiss you. I had to lie to you flawlessly.'
'You did your job perfectly, Ana.'
Some girl hit me and said:
'Bye bye, Chris. And guess what. I will kill you with your own knife. Let the ceremony begin! The sun has reached the zenith. The world is ours!'
Two girls came with a huge book and started reading in their unknown language.
'Kohlung profudlare dema Badhelia!'
'Dema Badhelia!' everyone screamed.
'Haodhik kiped jekof dema Badhelia!' they continued reading.
'Dema Badhelia!' everyone screamed again.
'Wait!' Silvia shouted.
'What do you sense, Silvia?'
'They are coming! Men.'
At that very moment most of the men in the city: husbands, brothers, friends, jumped into the dungeons of the temple and started killing their wives, sisters, girlfriends.
I was shocked. I couldn't move. I felt some hands on me. It was Mike.
'Mike? How could you...'
'Your insane grandpa told me. He's a seer and you would be dead without him.'
'Dema Badhelia!' Silvia screamed towards us.
'You bitch!' Mike shouted.
'No Mike! She can't commit suicide or the sisterhood will come back. Don't let her kill herself. You have to kill her.'
'Easy to say, Chris. You do it.'
I felt how much adrenaline was in my blood; I looked around me at men murdering their love, their own life. The sisterhood had to be defeated once and for all.
'Go on, Chris. Try to obey your given orders.' said Mike.
I must admit, I felt like a piece of shit. Ladies and gentlemen in one second I will be a murderer.
'Dema your ass, bitch!' I screamed and ran towards Silvia.
She already wanted to cut her throat but Mike stopped her.
'Now Chris, NOW!'
I... I cut her throat. And a very strange thing happened. Automatically all of the Badhelians cut their throats. There is no tribe without a leader.
Mike looked at me and I looked at him. It was over. The Sisterhood shan't come back. Men are stronger than woman. It always has been like that.
We started getting rid of the bodies. We burnt them all. We left no chances for the sisterhood. Us, men.
We live in times when globalization is a problem. Our city found some advantages in that. There were loads of pretty tourist girls in our city; many men married again and forgot about the damage that the Badhelians had done to this city. People do migrate and that's a fact. Girls fall in love with strangers and that's fact number two. However, I decided not to marry. I just loved my Ana. Even if she hated me, I loved her. She was my sweetheart.
I was on my way home after I finished my grocery shopping. There were kids playing everywhere. I noticed a ball rolled close to me and a beautiful young girl, aged about 4, running towards me.
'Here ya go, pretty lady.' I said.
'Thank you sir'

She looked at me for a moment, she was smiling. She had blue eyes. I noticed something known to me on her neck. It was the symbol. The symbol of The Sisterhood. She will be the leader. Thanks God that I'll die until then.
The girl ran toward her mum who was a kind looking woman. They both waved at me and smiled as I was thinking... Every woman on earth at least once has belonged to their own sisterhood. They all have their own badhelias. There is no stopping them.
Death is not the border to any sisterhood.


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