Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hints Of Erotica [2007]

There are sometimes sheets
When it's colder, of course
Then there is a silhouette
That is seen with closed eyes
And a taste of sweat
Hints of erotica

Then there is a voice
So helpless
And vivid visions
Of passion, lust and indulgence
One is a disease
Another - the antidote
Total interference
Predictable roads
And a hint of erotica

The journey is to lessen the distance
Between the two
By smiles, gestures
And secrets
Between me and you
With a hint of erotica

You see,
Sometimes we merge
It's faster and safer:
No time to embarrass
one's a giver, the other's a taker
no time for erotica.

You see,
It takes courage
to allow the breaking
of boundaries between us
It also takes talent
of persuasion
with slight hints of erotica

the journey isn't over
if there is no distance
because the two roads converge.
Aims, visions, goals
inevitable thoughts
In a word:
pleasure is for those who
will forever be caught
In chains of sensual erotica.
Art by Luis Royo

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Foohmal-Impooohtant-Paaahties :D~


Yes, I am aware that I suck. Haha. Well, I havent been around cuz of that PROM, the preparations, all those documents for further plans, blah blah. It's been exciting, it's been boring. As usual. Well, this is what I wanna do today. Share some pics.
Wait, wait. This is not the prom. This is pre-prom. We call it the 100 days party. It was held in winter & it meant that we had 100 days till we finish our schooling. Find me, find me? I'm the middle one. Yup, the red lip one. YES. I AM old-fashioned. :D

This is myself & a good friend of mine - Zbynia! Ya know, when we were little, we were all weird-o kids. Zbynia, when not understood, was saying: 'You don't understand me just cuz I am intelectually higher than all of you.' We couldnt NOT agree :) We ALL r Zbynia's fans. He dances DIVINE. We r always waiting till Zbynia start to moonwalk.

Welcome to our prom. This is myself & my fave talented photographer - Eric. I just got to know him may haps 2 years ago. DARN! He's awesome! Most of the time our opinions merge or r the same in general :D & I can't frget the meaningfyl badge that he got us in Poland: "I put this badge on when I have everyone IN MY ASS" Woohooo!

This is us with our history teacher. He's surname is the same as mine. & not Agata, I am NOT his daughter (finger) :D but he was an awesome person. Yes, at his lessons mostly i would fall asleep. Just awaken now & then by Agata. Haha. I drew loadsa things during his lessons. Anywho, during history i mostly did everything except for history itself :D ewww! Naughty :D
This Maria, Zbynia & myself. This is inside the RESTAURANT, Hah. Some ppl were poisoned becoz of the RESTAURANT'S most delish meals. Myself & Agata were fine. Becoz our digestive system can beat everything. Take that, BITCH! :D

Yes, this is how i looked in general. Observe. HAHA. Ewww, pervs. :D
This is me & my class teacher. This was a person who always told me I looked great. Haha. Even if i looked like shit. She never even taught me. Maybe that's why I kinda liked her. Becoz i knew her as a person, not a teacher :D
& the standart: photo with Zbynia :D Zbynia rox :D
So these were the fohhrmal-impooohtant-paahhhties :D This is what I've been up to whilst i was away :D Hope you forgive me for rudely vanishing. I'll be back soon with a fresh new poem or story :)


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