Saturday, January 13, 2007

~*Marilyn @--}--

Now it's my turn to say
What's been said too many times.
You're flawless, I tell You, flawless.
We've made tributes to You
For years and years
Hiding Your real life and fears
Because who cares, right?
Not those look-alikes
They seem to be exactly You
With a slight difference
That You are You
And You are better.
It hurts them so much to admit
That You made them ugly
You made them cheat.
Despite that they were beautiful
Before becoming You
They should have been worshiped
May haps even more than You,
Mrs. to the poor, Miss to the rich
You are not creative, You're someone's creation
Not too pretty - just under beautification
You're a victim of apotheosis and sanctity
An elusive goddess in eternity.
Your life is one fragile ambiguity
Illuminated by discrepancies of your tears
You're decrepit
You're pure poison
You're dead
Yet You never rot.
You can innocently kill everybody
Even Yourself.
You're flawless, I tell You, flawless!
You made people wonder and never know.
Simple. Because You're the only Marilyn Monroe.
*Note: I'm sorry I have been away. We all have harder times, eh? Well, I'd like everyone to join me and celebrate my blogger anniversary :D It's been a year! Thank You everybody who have read and commented on my poetry and epics. I wouldn't have made it without You! HUGS!


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