Saturday, December 29, 2007

On The 29th. [updated]

Hey people!
I am born. AGAIN.
(I know, right?)

On the 29th of December some of this happened:
1940 - World War II: In The Second Great Fire of London, the Luftwaffe firebombs City of London, killing almost 200 civilians.
2001 - A massive fire in the historic district of downtown Lima, Peru kills at least 274 people.

Let's observe all the days that I've had the pleasure to be born.
Lil me was born at 3.33 PM. That's right. I am only half of the devil. The other half is obviously Lilith :)
When I became 12, I:

In 2000 I had a pleasant quiet b-day with my friend Maria & Victoria.
When I became 16, I:

Was wearing high heels that were hand-made in Italy & cost about 1000 Euro. Initially, my mum got them from my aunt & my aunt got them from her best friend, who received them from her husband, who got it as a present from his relative in Moscow to give for his wife, becoz the rightful owner (a rich lady) bought them for herself but what she didnt notice was that the size of the shoes was 35, not 39 as she had. HAH, in ur face, bigfoot!
When I became 17, I:

Got to wear stockings for the first time & got a Hello Kitty Black Metal Version (or so I call it), sang in the bathtube, pretending the shower was a microphone. Got a beautiful ring from grandma! (awwww)
When I became 18, I:

Had my own harem. Watched porn. Got another beautiful ring from grandma. My room was called the temple of a goddess. Got a kamasutra. Got the most precious gift from my boyfriend. Got a Swarovski necklace from dad. Danced to arabic songs. Had a huge blast. Seriously man.
When I became 19, I:

I celebrated in 2 countries: Lithuania & The United Kingdom. Any excuse to dress up will do. Got a huge postcard. A huge retro picture from friends. Flowers. Hello Kitty Necklace. Fluffy handcuffs :D other Retro stuff. I was told i was 18 eternally :)
Sometimes I wonder, how will people tell other people about me:"You know, I had a friend called Edyta & she was..." I just wonder what was I.
Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pt 1 & 2)


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