Sunday, August 19, 2007

{missing you}

There's too much air
And the bed is too wide
It's even comfortable
There's a lot of food
And extra time for church
And a prayer or two
I don't blow dry my hair
And I sleep too much
There's no sudden soft touch
To wake me up
And no embrace to escape from

I answer my phone calls
I even call some back
I don't close the bathroom door
Nobody's going to watch
And my bras are on the floor
I've never picked them up
You did.
Some material things are left:
Losses, notes, laundry, theft.
If rain is just a weather
Not even a mood
That's when I know
I'm missing you
But you said it was ok
That we could choose another date
To meet.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

...And about Photography

Have u noticed?

Almost everyne is sooo cool, has a digital camera. Except for mw.
Earlier ppl would make 3 or 4 pics to remember a b-day party or a vacation by a simple camera. & they would be happy. & they were all so excited & they loved themselves on pics. even if they looked like shit.
I look like shit on this pic. Delete it.
Plz, can u make a pic for us. Thank you. Wait. Dont go away. We will see if it suits us.
Oh, can u RAR it or ZIP it. It takes waaay too long for me to wait to see 'em.
We can see all of my spots on the pix!
Nah. I don't like myself here. Let's use photoshop.
I want to cure myself cuz i have been affected by all of this mass picture perfect ideal.
But i have noticed that u can make really cool artsy pics without actually making a nose smaller, eyes bigger, boobs bigger - whatever!
I am so thankful to Yorkie, who doesnt really care abt looks on pics. (unlike u, BITCH - yes i heard that) He is just happy cuz there is a possibility to make a pic in general. & that's so sweet. U always can make a funky edge to a pic, by making it black & white or serpia, or dark, or faded. But never change who u really are. These were my trials. Let's have a look.

PS. Tak, Hart, to update na odczepnego.
PPS.Welcome Eric313! HUGS!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

We ARE We. & We're different. We <3 it.

Guess what?

I've been awarded yet again.
*~By Crashie (oooh such a sweetheart)
"Cuz she is such a lil’ sunshine & so incredibly talented that she blows my mind. Just thinking about her makes me grin. And who could not just adore her avatar!"
*~ By Curryegg (she's adowable)
"She's such a cute and lovely blogger. Everyone loves her. So, this is why you deserve this award."
Thanx so much, girls. You both are awesome.

But you know what?
I am Vain. You heard me. VAIN. That's why i decided to make my own award to thank all of you, who read my boringass notes & left comments & was there for me. The rules of my award are sooo simple.
*~Grab this award, upload it & enjoy it.
*~When u feel the time has come; make up ur own award & give it to the ppl u adore :) it can be in a year, it can be tomorrow. It can never be. U decide. Here it is:

IMPORTANT: U R A receiver of my award, if ur name is:
*~ Agata - she is my ultimate best friend. & she is awesome. & when i hear her say: "Edyta, you are an evil/cruel woman" I tend to think it was a compliment.
*~ Berna - she is sooo creative & philosophical. A deep thinker. I love her for that.
*~ Caz - even when she's grumpy, i am 100 % sure she's funny. She always makes me laugh.
*~ Crashie - she is a sweeeeeeeetie. Definitely. I bet she can make salt taste sweet.
*~ Curryegg - i LOVE her pics. She always has a surprise for us installed. We all love to see pics of places we havent been before & decide on visiting them ;)
*~ Dan - I think "Dan" is the other word for "caring & energetic".
*~ Drama Div@ - I love her mood button :) & she is full of positive energy that makes her readers smile. I should KNOW!
*~ Gled - for the honesty. This guys is frank & candid. Doesn't hide anything. Always has an opinion to share :)
*~ Hart - she is so sexily feminime. A talented writer & her drawings are amazing :) the perfect chatpal for those cold evenings when ur hand freezes while clicking the mouse.
*~ Jay - I am sooo sure if i made a "SAVE TEQUILA" campaign, he'd be the first to join it. Haha. This guy always makes everyone smile. I said ALWAYS.
*~ Joshua - i admire his writings & his sense of humor. & POEMS! One of the most creative ppl on the blogosphere.
*~ Julia - mah soulmate. Mah gangsta. Mah P.I.M.P. Mah homie. Good girl gone bad :D
*~ Kao - let's go & face it: his writing is sexy. He very very creative & friendly :) what a sweet combination of both words.
*~ Ravi - I'm his fan. Incredibly talented, honest & kind-hearted. These people are rare nowadays. I'm lucky to have a chatmate like that.
*~ String - the person to whom I am for some reason connected! Maybe because i adore her way of thinking & her pics? Most probably.
*~ Xian - the best bro in the whole world! I think i wouldn't bear living with him cuz i'd choke up with laughter! He's da sunshine after da rain! (& no, u r not getting those adies)

I hope you all like the award becoz u all r original. ThanX GAWD i decided to write a blog back in the day :)
PS. OMG! I already got my own award back @ me. Haha. The Blogosphere is a crazy thing :D


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