Thursday, April 05, 2007

A |Black| & |White| Holiday ;D + photos & video

At last I will make a post simply about myself and my life. I haven't written anything particular but i was doing over things: taking photos, having ideas for a movie. It's been a swell time, honestly. But it was quite contrasting: it was black & white.

This is me & a heart on my palm.
My friend Erick is an awesome photographer. I think that a perfect job for him would be working for Vogue or Elle. If he does, hope I will be worth his time. This is a person you feel comfortable working with, no matter who you are. And my grandmum ADORES him. LOL.
I decided to show everyone CLEO. I haven't been drawing for a long time but here she is. I drew her for Ahmed & she's his. Hope he doesn't mind me sharing her with everyone :P Do you, Yorkie? Squeeeeeeezes & smooches for Ya! (from me, of course :D)

Our silent movie. They have always been my cup of tea. Beware of LADY Agata!!
It's always good to look aside and to know that I am not alone. I do have friends. Very kind. There for me. Even if everything is black and white. They add colour to my life.
See what I mean?

"You don't have to actually walk to walk away. You just need to stand still and emotionlessly watch me go. Although I had left, YOU were the one to walk away from me."
This line is for Dan. You wanted something about walking. I somehow thought of this line when i was in the bathtub washing my hair :D Hope Laura & Lulu are doing great!


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