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~*The Sisterhood [Part 5]*~

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Credit: To Agata, who brutally(!!!) made me write Part 5. I love ur brutality :P

The sun was shining. The air was so different from the one we got used to breathe. The trees made such soft sounds as the wind touched them. And there it was. A beauty. The temple of Silvia.
Two men on were riding towards the temple. They had two bags with blood stains all over the fabric. When they got there they shouted:
'All hail the queen of all time, Silvia!'
After this the gate opened and they slowly rode into the castle.
'Get off your horses, men!' They heard a shout from down below. It was a woman. She looked amazing; the clothes that she was wearing, her facial expression and her voice. She didn't even have to move to make them get off of their horses and fall for her. She has been taught. The two men were standing there, watching her vanish into thin air with their horses. Then they saw a girl. She was young and astonishingly beautiful.
'Silvia shall see you now. I hope you will satisfy her with your strength and kind gifts.' The girl spoke to them and covered her face with some see-through fabric.
The two men couldn't say anything. The girl smiled and said:
'Follow me.'
They followed her through some big corridors and huge rooms where various women were sleeping, laughing, smiling at them.
Then they went through a room where pairs were kissing; the men smiled to each other.
'I hope this is what we get for killing Silvia's enemies', one said.
They entered a huge area and saw Silvia with all of her maids and friends.
'Ah, there you are. You are so late. I hope I shall get what I want', Silvia smiled to the men and came near them.
'We bring our most sincere apologies, Silvia, but here are the heads of your two worst enemies', one of the men said and opened the bags.
'Very well. You've done an excellent job.' Silvia came near one of them. She was wearing a silver cover and was mostly covered in gold.
'What's your name?' she asked.
The man wanted to answer but she already started to kiss him deeply. Then she stopped and smiled at him. Then she smiled to the other man. The girls behind those men said silently:
'Silvia must have liked you that she kissed you.'
The men started feel proud.
'Thank you', said Silvia and smiled proudly.
At that very moment the two girls put knives into the bodies of both men. Then they started to wiggle those knives whilst they remained in the bodies. Then the girls took the knives out and at that very second the men fell down. They were dead.
'I've taught you well, my precious angels. Now we shall have four unworthy souls so sacrifice to Badhelia,' Silvia said, 'Girls? We shall have a feast tonight!'
Silvia left the room, leaving the girls to get the bodies ready for sacrifice. They had a feast that night, indeed. Badhelia was on their side. How could she not?
'My Lord! Silvia killed our men!'
'Son? How do you know? The fact that they aren't back yet doesn't mean that they are not still alive.'
'Father! I was with them. I was the third man!'
'How could you? You are forbidden...'
'No, father, listen! I know how to be left unseen; don't you remember me, climbing trees, when I was little?'
'You could have died!'
'I am alive, am I not? As the future Leader of Vikings, I did what I had to do! The Badhelians cut their horses in pieces and burnt them! That meant they weren't coming back. And never shall, father!'
'Gather the men, son! Silvia shall pay!'
Little did he know that his son was positive that he'd lose.
That night he met Silvia and told her everything.
'Splendid.' Silvia smiled at him.
'We shall rule the world... Together, my love!'
'Are you sure that my armies are stronger than his?'
'Yes I am'
'Our love is true, The Son Of True Vikings.' Silvia said and they started to kiss as the water of the lake was reflecting the moon.
The next day great armies surrounded the temple of the Badhelians. The men began their attack. They started throwing burning arrows in the air as a symbol of a beginning battle.
'Silvia! They have started their attacks.' One girl cried out.
'Shh... Join us. We are praying. Badhelia shall give us strength.' Silvia replied as silent and calm as usual.
The girl joined the prayers with no negotiations. After three minutes Silvia has stood up. She raised a glass with some liquid in it.
'Badhelia has spoken to me. This is the final battle.'
'Silvia?' The girls cried.
'This is a glass of poison. Put your fingers into the glass and lick them. Leave the poison on your tongues. Once this is done open the gates', Silvia said calmly, 'My soldiers? You have shown you are worthy opponents. Die with no shame. Fight for what's true.'
The women nodded and took their weapons.
'Younger sisters! Hide the children. And come back to the battle area. Do not tell anyone where you've hidden the children.'
The girls obeyed the orders with no questions.
'Sisters! It is time! May truth lead us!'
'Badhelia! Badhelia! Badhelia!' All of the girls screamed.
'Open the gate!' Silvia screamed and vanished into the darkness.
The first men that entered the temple were fighting with warrior women. It was a bloody battle but there were far more men than women. The warrior Badhelians were defeated. But a lot of men died too.
As the Viking armies entered deeper into the castle they saw a lot of wonderful rooms. A lot of men were seduced by girls with poison on their tongues. After the kiss men were feeling weak and were choking with blood and dying, one by one. So did the girls. There was a far too big amount of poison in their blood. They died for the sisterhood.
In other rooms men died because they were falling into traps. Hidden knives, trap doors which led into rooms with spiders and snakes.
Some soldiers entered a room, where they saw the younger girls. They smiled at those young girls; the girls did the same. When the men got nearer the girls; they cut their own throats. The men were left shocked at the site that the have just seen. They were just standing there while other women attacked them with swords from the behind and cut them into two pieces.
Every time when the Vikings approached the women from the behind, the Badhelians cut their throats in order to not be enslaved. That would be a disgrace to their Goddess.
Hours later there was only one Badhelian soldier left who wasn't enslaved nor killed.
'I know you're hiding, come out and tell us where is Silvia and we shall set you free!'
Not even a sound.
'Come out and face us!' The Viking Leader screamed.
'My Lord may haps she is dead?' one Viking soldier said.
At that very moment a young woman came out. She was all bruised and wounded but she was standing still. The men were watching her every move.
'Where is Silvia?' The Viking leader shouted.
'Kohlung profudlare dema Badhelia!'
'I suppose she cursed us, my Lord!' A Viking soldier whispered.
'Dema Badhelia!', she screamed, 'Dema Badhelia!'
After this she fell down on the floor, bleeding. She looked at the Viking Leader and laughed.
'You shall never win against the sisterhood' she said and took her knife and cut her throat.
'Father, the Badhelians have never lost. But...'
'Son, we never lose! The Vikings never lose!'
Every man started cheering.
'Silence!', the Viking leader screamed, 'I hear a voice...'
Some men followed him towards a black door. They opened the door with no hesitation. They saw Silvia praying; she didn't pay any attention to the men that entered the sacred room.
'You lost, woman!'
Silvia didn't stop praying.

'You shall be my slave!' The Viking Leader screamed and laughed.
Silvia raised her head and looked up. She took a glass with poison and spilled it all over her body. Some men came closer to her. But none dared touch her; she was all covered in poison. She smiled at the men.
'For the sisterhood!', she screamed and fell down to a glowing hole.
The men came closer to the hole and saw that she fell down on needles which went through her body and caused fast death.
The men looked at each other and left the room.
The Sisterhood wasn't defeated. The sisterhood died for Badhelia.
The Vikings went back home with no screams or salutations. The son of the Leader committed suicide that night. He believed that Silvia loved him.
But Silvia only loved the sisterhood. She knew that it was time for the sisterhood to disappear to be able to...

'What the... I've never had dreams like that before' I said to myself when I woke up in the middle of the night. I washed my face and said in front of the mirror.
'My name is Christopher and that was one hell of a dream, damn it.'
I lay down on the bed.
'She knew that it was time for the sisterhood to disappear to be able to come back again.'
I said that unconsciously. I didn't hear myself saying that.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

*~The Sisterhood [Part 4]~*

I couldn't concentrate on anything that day. I was just looking at the clock. I was afraid that I'd fall asleep and miss the 8 o' clock meeting. Then I'd never know the name of that sleazy bastard that killed my wife.
07.00 PM
I am walking from corner to corner. My name is Christopher and my wife was murdered. I am going to discover the name of the killer at 08.15 PM. Why 08.15 PM? Easy. I need to spot Ana; I need to make her talk. And then she will spit it out. Just the name. Maybe the surname. Either way, I shall dig up the rest
07.20 PM
My name is Christopher. I am not going to the meeting. I'm not afraid. Maybe my wife's death should be left a secret to me and my family?
07.30 PM
I do not know. Should I go? Should I tell Mike? Should I take a knife with me?
07.45 PM
I am leaving. I am locking the door and making sure that I am not being watched. Nope, no one there, I guess it's safe to go.
I enter the local cafe. Not too many people there. About 10. I easily spot Ana. I want to make eye contact with her but she does not pay attention to me. I come near her and sit in front of her.
'Coffee?' she asked.
'I can't resist', I answered.
'I see you're nervous. You don't have to be.'
I opened my mouth to say something but she put a finger on my lips.
'The wig, you ask? Well, I don't want people to know that I told you about this.'
'About my wife's murder?' I almost screamed.
She looked at me and smiled. Then she looked left. Grabbed a cigarette and looked right. She stayed calm.
'No, not exactly.'
'Tell me, Ana, then why the fuck I am here?'
'It's not that easy, Tiger'
'I noticed. It's never easy with you. Good bye, Ana.'
'Shah... Why don't you relax? Sit and have a drink. You want to know SOMETHING don't you?'
The way she pronounced 'something' hypnotized me, and I just couldn't speak. All I could say was:
'Yeah, Ana.'
With a note of accomplishment she took a deep breath and looked at me.
'Have you ever noticed that the women here have never cried?'
'Not likely. I mean yes. I have never seen a woman cry in this town. Is it that important?'
'Well, yes. How many times have you seen girls fight in this town?'
I had flashbacks. The girls were certainly manly here.
'Loads. Are you saying those girls killed my wife? That's stupid.'
'No. You are stupid for thinking that. They are being trained.'
'What the heck are you talking about?'
'Have you ever entered the temple of Silvia?'
'Of course. It's a historical monument. Everyone was in that temple.'
'Have you been in the underground of that temple?'
'No, it's under construction.'
'Is it?'
'Yes it is.'
'I was there once. But that I will remember for the rest of my life.'
'What did you see? Ruins? Whoa...'
'No. It's a very clean and built-up place.'
'Silvia was a leader of a female tribe, called Badhelians. They were taught how to fight and die as a proud warrior. They were taught how to seduce men.'

'Whatever for?'
'They needed to sacrifice bodies. Male bodies. Only then their goddess, Badhelia, would give them immortality. But then, a ruthless tribe has attacked. Some say it were the Vikings. They raped and murdered all of the Badhelians. They kept hostage some of them, enslaved others... All except one, Silvia... She sacrificed herself for... The sisterhood.'
'She sacrificed herself?'
Ana smiled.
'Oh yes, she did. She lay down on needles. But it is said that her soul lives until now. Women know about the sisterhood. Men don't because they must not.'
'Why are you telling me this? I mustn't know.'
'Women here belong to the sisterhood. So did your wife. It was her I saw that day. I saw your wife, Ana. I saw other women that died.'
'Why are you not a part of the sisterhood?'
'The Badhelians were everything but prostitutes. Before sacrificing a man, they used him. Not every man. Not all men are handsome and I think you know it. If a son was born, he was killed immediately. If a daughter was born, it was a celebration.'
She lit another cigarette. Then she continued.
'They never told me about the sisterhood. Not about the Badhelian tribe.'
'Then how do you know this?'
'Your wife told me. Mike's wife told me, Elizabeth, I think. A few other younger girls told me. But then their leader came. The younger girls hid but your wife and some other women didn't have time to hide me not hide themselves. They were punished. They were ordered to have an argument with their husbands and commit suicide. They had to put the knife in themselves.'
She paused and covered her mouth. She started to cry.
'Put the knife in themselves, then take it out and throw it as far as they can to make it look like murder. Do you understand Chris?'
I was speechless.
'How could the leader predict that I would go to you?' I finally said.
'It didn't matter where you'd go. All that mattered was that you'd go. Somewhere. Anywhere, Chris.'
'Who is the leader?'
'The leader is supposed to be Silvia. Her soul lives in the leader. A kind of reincarnation. But I don't know that woman. She is a foreigner. They call her Silvia.'
I looked down.
'Do all women of this town except prostitutes belong to the sisterhood?'
'No. The only women that belong to the sisterhood have a symbol under their breasts. It's either the right one or the left one.'
I had flashbacks again. I did notice something strange about my wife, Ana. But now it became so crystal clear.
'You are in grave danger now, Ana.'
'No, Chris. I am not. I cried. They will think that I told you about somebody who hit me or my family... Or my unhappy childhood.'
'I am worried about you, Ana. I also can't express my gratitude. You look exhausted; let me lead you back home.'
'That would be nice. Let's go.'
I walked approximately 2 meters behind her. She said it would be for my own good. When we reached her home she tuned back and waited for me to come closer. And so I did.
'Chris... There is also one thing you need to know. There was one man who saw one of the processions of Silvia's so-called reincarnation. The guy is old and crazy. He comes up to almost every man in town and tells him that he is in grave danger. That's how that procession affected him. If he comes to you, don't get frightened.'
'He already has.'
'Did he frighten you?'
'A tiny bit', I even smiled. She smiled back at me.
'Don't ever speak about this with anybody, especially women. For your own good, please.'
'I won't Ana.'
I kissed her goodbye. A deep, passionate kiss. It was the least I could do. She at last revealed the truth that Mike couldn't reveal. This will be mine and hers secret. I can not tell Mike, or anybody else, for this matter. I want that damn sisterhood to be left a secret. But the thought that haunts me is that girls do know about it... But no one got hurt... Except my wife and some other women. Technically, it was their fault and...
'You are in grave danger!'
He scared the shit out of me and interrupted my thoughts.
'Fuck off, old timer!' I said
'You shan't be warned again! But mark my words, you will die! You will die!'
He walked away laughing so loudly I could hear him choke.
I was left on the streets alone. And it was so dark. I was without my Ana. I never had her. The sisterhood had her.
That's when I got the idea to ruin the sisterhood once and for all.

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~*The Sisterhood [Part 3]*~

Hello! I'm sorry for the lack of me :) Well, but I'm here now and bringing you the next chapter of The Sisterhood. What will I think of next? I know that the popular votes (Yanas) are all for global castration. I couldn't agree more! LOL :D~
Hope everyone is fine & as contagious Sam would say, peace & happiness :)
I wanted my wife to have a beautiful funeral. A priest, music, stuff like that. Oh, and I also asked the agency to dress up kids as angels and make them sing some songs. Not necessarily sad songs; I have read somewhere that in some countries funerals are celebrations. People celebrate: eat, drink, and dance because one more soul has reached Eden. Or paradise. Or heaven. Call it as you may. My wife was a big fan of Marilyn Monroe and all those love songs. So I decided why not sing some of Marilyn's songs? At least one.

Next week my wife will be in Eden. I was kind of getting used to the idea that my Ana was not here and I actually was looking forward to the fact that my wife won't be here anymore. I was talking to her from time to time. Like: 'This will make an excellent addition to this case, ain't I right, hun?' Well, yes, I actually liked the idea that her soul shall rest in peace. At last.
I remember that day. Her skin was so white, bloody red lips and a black dress. She's soulless. She's dead.
It was raining and the priest was singing along with the little angels. Poor kids, they all will have colds after this funeral.
I don't know why but everyone was standing without umbrellas except me. And her. I saw her. How could she come to my wife's funeral? How did she know that my wife had died? No newspapers could have written that. No people could have said that. My wife wasn't a celebrity, I wasn't a celebrity. How could that bitch know?
I came closer to her and grabbed her hair.
'Nice to meet you, Ana. If you are Ana, that is.'
'Let me go!'
'Why are you here?'
'It's a funeral!'
'Oh, you noticed? I don't see you dressed in black.'
'Stop it for crying out loud. People are looking at us. You don't want them to think that you have a romance with me.'
I let her go.
'Thank you darling. Now what was it you wanted to ask me?', Ana said in a sweet way and smiled.
'If you don't tell me why you are here I will beat the shit out of you.'
'Since when are you rude?'
'Since now.'
'Very well. I knew Ana. I know everyone in this cozy little city. You haven't noticed? I even know you and your father. I know your mother. I know your date of birth. How banal.'
She took a cigarette and lit it.
'A beautiful funeral. She deserves it', she said and looked at me.
I looked back at her. I was surprisingly calm. She smiled at me and I looked at her neck. She was very young. You can tell a woman's age by looking at her neck. Faces lie because make up can hide flaws. I also noticed something little and strange on her neck. It was like a little tattoo or a symbol. It looked very familiar to me for some reason. Not that I have ever seen it. I wasn't sure.
'What's on your neck, Ana?', I asked,' Are you really Ana?'
'Yeah. Ana. I'm Ana.'
'So? What's on your neck, Ana?'
'Nothing. It's something that one of my patients has left me.'
'Yeah, patients like you.'
'I thought I was your client.'
'No. Clients come when they are fine and are willing to have some fun. You are a patient. I saw your sad eyes that day. I mean night.'
I stayed silent. People were watching me and Ana. They were talking about us, I was sure. Stuff like he found his new Ana. People are disgusting.
I went away from her. I went away from them all. I left in the middle of the funeral because I couldn't bear seeing their restless eyes on me. All eyes were on me.
I was walking through one old street and I hardly could see my way through those colossal rain drops.
Suddenly I felt a cold hand on me. I was frightened. I shook and turned around.
'Stay away from her. Stay away from that woman!'
'Who are you?'
'No matter. Stay away from that woman or you will be in grave danger!'
It was an old man. He looked nervous because he was looking in different directions. Left, my face, right. Left again and right. He was wearing a dark cover and I could barely see his face. He looked almost like a monk to me. Maybe he was a monk. Whoever he was, he hurried back to where he came from. He vanished right in front of my eyes, leaving me breathless and frightened. I was standing there in the rain like a brick wall.
I turned around to see who that was. I made a squeaking sound I have never thought I'd be able to make. I felt a wave of weakness coming over me.
'Chris, you look like you've seen a ghost. What's wrong with you? I thought you were at your wife's funeral.'
'Mike?', I opened my mouth feeling quite relieved.
'Well, yeah. Who did you expect?', Mike asked.
'Sorry. Just some old timer frightened me. I was at the funeral. I couldn't bear being there. I am a coward.'
'I understand you, mate. I wasn't around my Elizabeth's funeral either.'
'Yeah. It's raining hard, ain't it?'
'Sure is. You'd better go home. You had a bad day.'
'I think I will, Mike. That was my intension in the first place.'
I left Mike. I was walking along that street with a feeling that I was being watched. I think I was right. That monk-kinda-thing was afraid of Mike. He saw Mike coming and hid. Maybe he was a fugitive? What did he want from me then?
The next morning I woke up feeling badly because of my sleepless night. I wasn't sleeping well; I was thinking what has my life become without Ana, my precious wife. I wonder if Mike ever felt the same. He'd never tell. Did he have feelings inside that heart of steel?
I ate breakfast whilst watching the news. Nothing new: politicians are getting stacks of money, celebrities making up new religions. The old yap yap.
I was just about to finish my coffee when I heard a knock on the door and some steps. Someone was in a hurry. So was I. I wanted to see who that was. But I didn't make it. Whoever it was, he's gone now.
'What the...'
There was a letter. I opened the envelope and took a note out of it.
Please meet me at the local cafe tonight, called Salvador's.
8 PM, tonight.
This is very important. I think I know why your wife died.
Christopher if you care, you have to come.
PS. don't let anyone follow you. I will wear a wig.
I think you will recognize me.
Yours faithfully,
I couldn't believe it. She knew the murderer's name? Should I tell Mike? No. I should certainly not. I am a man after all. I will come alone.

'Christopher if you care, you have to come.'

I care. Of course, I care.


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