Thursday, March 20, 2008

Skin Deep

She was gorgeous; with her little silk dress on, a perfect figure, her skin porcelain white. Mozart was her melody. Ballet-dancer.

She was so deeply in love. She'd hear Him read His poems. She'd watch Him play the piano. She was His. And she liked it. Only He could touch her and hold her. He'd whisper to her: “I love you”.
"I will become a great musician one day, I promise. I'll compose songs for you. I will do whatever it takes to be happy. And you will always dance to my music", He said to her.
"Yes, I'd love that, tell me more", she responded.
"I will be rich, we will be rich, my money is yours, take it or leave it", He continued. "Diamonds and pearls, amethysts and opals from the most exotic countries, this is what I am aiming at."
"I just want you."
He didn't hear her out. He'd just leave sometimes without saying anything, with his eyes looking at the clock like He was late somewhere. She knew His timetable well. But sometimes He would just surprise her. Dancing was her way of forgetting those gaps of time between them. She wondered what He was doing while He was away. Her thoughts and herself was all she had when He was far from her. Picturing Him in her mind, she'd hear Mozart play almost automatically: the pale white skin, the hazel eyes, the brown hair, those long fingers made to play the piano.
There were several times when He was sitting there, looking at her with hungry eyes. She was sometimes afraid of that.
"You are beautiful. But beauty is only skin deep. Inside, you are empty. You are nothing. You don't have feelings, you don't have emotions. You are a moving emptiness. You are a beautiful emptiness but nothing more. And I love you", He told her.
She would feel like crying when He said that to her but that last phrase has always made her forget everything and fall more madly in love.
"I love you too", she whispered.
Then He touched her body. Slowly, with his fingers, He started touching her face: eyes, nose lips and cheeks. Then He touched her arms and hands, then He went down to touch her breasts and stomach through that beautiful silk dress she loved the most. Then He let her dance for Him. She swirled and turned, just the way He liked it. She watched Him close His eyes at times, feeling the music.
He would marry her soon.
She waited patiently.
He hid the engagement ring in a box that played the Mozart melody. He thought she was so stupid not to notice. She studied the ring very carefully: eternal platinum, with five beautiful stones in it. Diamonds, they call them. She was sure of it. She'd have this ring to herself? Can it be true?

He would go out looking at the clock more often, this always made her worried. She'd peek into the box when He was away to make herself calm down, that He is hers and only hers.
He came back home with The Other She. The Other She was very beautiful but not as beautiful as the ballet-dancer in the silk dress. Not at all. She was sure of it. The Other She wasn't even a dancer. But sometimes The Other She would sing to His songs. He'd touch The Other She's hands. It really hurt her. He didn't know she watched them secretly.
"Go out of the room, now", He said strictly to The Other She.
The Other She listened to him and left.
It was she and Him left in the room. The ballet-dancer and the piano player. A perfect combination.
He opened the box, took the ring out of it and kneeled.
"I love you. And always loved you. I cherish every moment with you and you are the light when it’s night, the breeze on a hot day and a helping hand when I am in a downfall. I love you. I want to take every step with you and only you. There will never be any other she, only you. I love you. I love you. I love you. Will you... Will you marry me?"
"Yes! Yes! Yes! I love you too! I do", she relied with no hesitation.
He smiled happily. She was so happy, He let her dance to the beautiful music and He…
He just looked away and said: “You can come in now.”
The Other She came in and sat down.
He kneeled again and said the exact same things to The Other She.
The Other She stood up, confused as He put the ring on The Other She’s finger. He was shivering with nervousness.
"Yes, I do", said The Other She.
He stood up, started to carry The Other She who raised her hands with happiness as ballet-dancer accidentally fell down.
"I am so sorry, we can repair her," said The Other She.
He looked sad again. "She was the only thing left after my parents."
"We can fix her."
"No. I won't let a porcelain ballerina on a music box spoil my happiness", he said calmly now.
"She was beautiful", The Other She said.
"Beauty is only skin deep."
She lay there for some hours broken, inside and out. He broke everything in her, even her emptiness.
Skin deep.
But she was made of porcelain.


xianfu said...

ohh? new post dd?

TIS IS A LONG one u noe.

will comment on tat later.

n... nah. I already felt much better now.

if ur online, I tell u?


Edyta said...

yeah u tell me, mate!

& u should read this one.

on a love note today. weeee.

york said...

hmmmm very cute storyyy i loved it especially ur expressions totally romantic story but somehow gives u the feelings of sadness anyway nice work sweetie i appreciate that :) i love ur writting so much

Edyta said...

a feeling of sadness? why so? becoz of the ballerina? or just sad story in general?

i felt like i neglected romance, so i decided to keep up & make a sugar sweet story :)

york said...

yes yes cuz in all movies ballerina always was symbol of sadness i dunno why :P u felt neglected romance how and when ?

Edyta said...

Really? For example what movies? I havent seen or don't remember any. Ewww.

I did neglect romance in my stories becoz my stories were too rough? Like if u remember the Sisterhood, it was more raw than romantic, i should say. Or am i wrong? :)

york said...

u can't be wrong ur always right :P ur habit :P

Edyta said...

ahmeeeeed :P
r u laughing at me? :P

york said...

not laughing at u :P just reminding u :P my candy girl :P yum yum muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahs sorry i couldn't bear my gf :|

Edyta said...


Power Pneumatics said...

This short story is very engaging. Now I know why you refered to Him with a capital "H" and she with just a small "s". I like the twist. The way He proposed and the way she fell really made an impact on me. Nice work!

xianfu said...

I jz read d whole story dd.

it has an emotion of sadness in the air. U gave life to the music box dancer. I wasn't expecting that.

that's the twist of the story huh?
But the whole story was engaging.

it ended in a sad note however.

ur fav bro LOVES HAPPY ending :)
*he's a big fan of Disney*

Edyta said...

Is it that engaging?
Teah i also love that twist & i also like The Other She as a name. Porcelain figures dont name ppl, i thought :)

Edyta said...

I hear ur philosophical side again. Awwww, aint u a sweetie!

Haha, luv towards Disney!

"U gave life to the music box dancer. I wasn't expecting that."

I thought i sucked at that part :D lol

Anonymous said...

I like sad endings. It sticks to my mind... I keep thinking about it, you know --the what ifs-- after it has ended already. Weird huh? Don't get me wrong, I hate overly depressing stories... I just want the right mix.

I like Disney too. I'm a Disney kid, born & bred! Hahaha. -berna

String said...

That was lovely! Really well done, absolutely a great thing to read this Sat am! Happy Easter back! Do you have a myspace edyta? LOL...I spend more time on that these days.

xianfu said...


i'm a great sucker for happy ending :)

hahahas. My philosophical side again? ooooo?

I did reveal? lols.

nah, ur writing always been that beautiful Dd.

words deep


Edyta said...


Yeah, sad endings DO stick to mind. U keep thinking abt them. Sometimes u can relate to the stories & have ur own thoughts on twists in the story.

But Disney is awesome! haha. Lets make a fanclub or something :D

Edyta said...

What a very sweet sweet comment & a happy easter to u too :)

Ur writing is lovely :)

& no, i dont have myspace, i am not so technological.

Edyta said...

awwwww! Stopd it. U r makin me feel... pompous!!!!! Hehe! & that i really am :P ...not :D

eric1313 said...

This is an excellent story, Edyta. You are a wonderful writer!

It's funny, because when we are in love, we are at our strongest and yet our most vulnerable. The poceline she shattering in grief is a wild and very good idea. You have a powerful imagination and I'm glad to see you put it to such good use.

I'm just glad I dropped by tonight to read this!

Talk to you soon.

eric1313 said...

And the music goes perfectly, too!

It's such a dance, the words you wrote and the melody together. Great art. You should be proud.

Anonymous said...

Weee, Disney Fan Club!! Haha. I'd love that. Back then, I was totally addicted to Disney. I got loads of VCDs and CDs (Soundtracks) and I download lots of their songs. I listed down all the Disney songs I have and it's more than 200 and I let my friends copy it. I also got Disney comic books when i was a kid. It will always be a part of me. =D -berna

Anonymous said...

by the way, Happy Easter! -berna. I'm to lazy to log in and type my username and password. haha.

xianfu said...

I DO ?


Crashdummie said...

beauty may be skin deep, but ugliness goes righ to the bones...

but omg, ur so talented hun, bringing me to tears, cuz my baby is growing up! hehehe *muah*

Kao said...



this story was really great, the way u described, the way u set the thing up to make us believe that the ballerina WAS woman...

when i got to the end of it I just said: oooo a cagó, (meaning, oh damn good story!!)

really I loved it, and I hope u could write another like this one.

I truly love this one...

thanks for writing so amazingly!!

see you, kissssssssssssssssssssssses and hugs... Anger's Angel...

Kao said...

there is a song called skin deep, from trapt... I'm sure ud love it

see ya!

di.di said...

pity the porcelain ballerina but it takes two to tango...

Gledwood said...

I love porcelain. Because it breaks far more easily than I do: har-har!!

Edyta said...

Actually i wasnt proud, to be honest, i admit that it is crappy :D it kinda reminds me of H.Ch. Andersen? Only he was waaaay bettah :) But thank you so much for your kind words. oh & Vangelis rulez!

I dont blame ya for bein lazy to sign in. I am lazy to sign in all the time! Once i signed on, i tend to stay as much as i can, though, cuz i know i will be lazy to sign in again :D har har!

Edyta said...

U DO. haha :D OMG, i never meant to leave ya or anything. I feel i've been missing out on a lot. u seem to be romantic & philosophical nowadays which is something NEW TO US ALL. das why i hope to catch & talk to ya soon :P

"beauty may be skin deep, but ugliness goes righ to the bones..."
Thats soooo true. & porcelain is just porcelain, a neautral nothingness, thats what i had in mind writing it, really :) awww, u think i grew up writing these childish stories awwww *blushes* haha :D

Edyta said...

Wooohooo. U r the one who is amazing around here. I always feel full of fury after reading yer stuff, ready to do some kickboxin, haha! U can really set the moos in yer writing, thats for sure :)
Oh wait, i thought cago was shit :D our professor taught us a swear phrase in spanish: i shit in the mil of you slut mother. <-- how rude is that :D but he sounds sooo funny when he says it cuz i feel a sense of pride in him cuz he can freely teach us fuckign everything with no bounderies, if ya know what i mean :)

U r absolutely right, i even remember this song : it takes two to tango, which is true. & yup the ballerin was a simle no one, her beauty was even skin deep cuz she was made of porcelain :)

Yeah, u keep on rocking!

Josh said...

What a beautifully poignant story; the music fits perfectly. Seems like a fitting metaphor for some people that I know...

Wandering Soul said...

amazing, captivating, enchanting, mesmerising...
adjectives endless....

U hav becum wonderful :)
Im feelin guilty I missed so much


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