Saturday, March 15, 2008

Used to

I'm used to asking you before I decide
I'm used to looking ill and wearing your clothes
And taking my meds
And sometimes overdose
I'm used to fighting and feeling annoyed
Being the player or being the toy

I'm used to hating the same people as you
Doing something old and bringing something new
I'm used to screaming to turn the TV off
I'm used to your logic, headaches and cough

I have to get used to the changing times
And penalties and loans and debts and fines

I have to get used to using the key
Instead of ringing the bell

Oh and the bags on the way back
From the market are as heavy as hell


di.di said...

*where have you been????**

finally, u r back and posting!!

xianfu said...

... DD?!

u updated n didnt tell me at all?

woooo. NEW BRIGHT SUNNY look :)
n how come d poem seems like ur starting a new day?

well, i did update too. hehe


Edyta said...


i am bad. ewww. i've been busy with uni & crap like that, but now i am on holidays, so by the popular votes (from my bf & best friend) i decided to update & actually i was already ashamed to be looking at the same damn update from decades ago, lol!

Edyta said...

rushing over to ur place, lol :D

it is like a new stage in life, isnt it?
i wanted somethign simplistic :) Thats why my blog's name is a... DOT. LOL

i also thought it is so darn stupid that i aint doing anything :S & i also missed the ppl :)

Josh said...

Edyta, so glad to see you back! From the tone of this post though, sounds like you might be going through a rough patch. Hope all is working out...

Edyta said...

Thanx for stopping by. Its better now. The downfall is a good place for writing.

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

wonderful writings ... stopped for a moment and realize .... very nice

Edyta said...

thank you :)
stop by anytime.
so shall i.

york said...

hmmmmm i read this poem before where where ?:P its sooooooo sweeet work baby i already told u before i love it :) keep writting sweetie love uuuuuuuuuuu muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahs sorry wanna kiss u :P

Edyta said...

yes u read it in my notebook the day i wrote it, but u surely dont remember cuz U DONT CARE. waaaaaaaa. <-- crying :P

love u too ;)

Kao said...

so, good, but REALLY GOOD to see you're back... (jumping around on happiness, seriously)

and I glad you've read my things XD :$

and ok, I feel kind of inspired to write sth.

'bout ur poem, I liked it a lot, but mostly the part where u point things out in order to emphasize the feeling... gives it power.

and the way u let us know that it was edyta who wrote: "... are as heavy as hell." just a little taste of the irreverent girl we are addict to.. xD

P.D.: the expresion "LoL" in chile is replaced by "CHAN!!". It doesn't have transaltion, but means more or less the same.. xD

Edyta said...

CHAN :D. Good 2 c some1 who'd know what i would say,like heavy as hell :D

awwww, luvin my addicts :D

Power Pneumatics said...

A big HELLO to you! I see you have a new template... and IRIS! I love Goo Goo Dolls. =D

xianfu said...


i havent replied?



aheemm.. I think replace the "us" with "me" ...


Julia said...

A new post!! WEEEEEE! (party)(clap)(clap)(clap) I was checking your blog almost everyday and finally something new, it's sooo good. And the skin. It suits you perfectly I think :) but where is IRIS? I don't see Iris :( i also luv it.
And the poem. Brilliant as always, so touching and damn sad. I like it, I luv sad stuff for some reason.. Thanx for yr writing.
Miss you girl :*

Edyta said...

awww thank ya gril, i luv 'em goo goo dolls, weeeee :D
& a huge HELLO to ya too :)

Edyta said...

free lunches?
hmmmz.... no?
hahaha :D

& i demand a reward myself. i am ur fav sis, aint i. i worked hard for that position in society. LOL

Edyta said...

*joins ur pahty*

goo goo dolls is da music in dis post, maybe it aint workin on ur pc or sumtin? :|

nice to know u have checked my blog everyday... cuz i havent hahaha :S ewwwww i stink.

miss ya too, girl!
*makes julia's face* kissie kissie

eric1313 said...

There you are! Glad to read you again, Edyta!

The people in our lives make a huge impression on our own--they really do become a part of us. Your poem captures that perfectly, the give and take of being close to another soul out there.

I'll drop by more, I'm just glad that so many people are still here! I was really busy and was staying in an area that nobody had internet! Yes, I couldn't believe it, either!

Talk to you soon, my friend. Take care.

Edyta said...


thank you much. Do that I shall. It does sound naive, this poem, doesnt it? then again, love always is naive & thats why we love to love :)

Hope you are well, my friend :)

Nelia said...

Great work.


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