Thursday, August 09, 2007

...And about Photography

Have u noticed?

Almost everyne is sooo cool, has a digital camera. Except for mw.
Earlier ppl would make 3 or 4 pics to remember a b-day party or a vacation by a simple camera. & they would be happy. & they were all so excited & they loved themselves on pics. even if they looked like shit.
I look like shit on this pic. Delete it.
Plz, can u make a pic for us. Thank you. Wait. Dont go away. We will see if it suits us.
Oh, can u RAR it or ZIP it. It takes waaay too long for me to wait to see 'em.
We can see all of my spots on the pix!
Nah. I don't like myself here. Let's use photoshop.
I want to cure myself cuz i have been affected by all of this mass picture perfect ideal.
But i have noticed that u can make really cool artsy pics without actually making a nose smaller, eyes bigger, boobs bigger - whatever!
I am so thankful to Yorkie, who doesnt really care abt looks on pics. (unlike u, BITCH - yes i heard that) He is just happy cuz there is a possibility to make a pic in general. & that's so sweet. U always can make a funky edge to a pic, by making it black & white or serpia, or dark, or faded. But never change who u really are. These were my trials. Let's have a look.

PS. Tak, Hart, to update na odczepnego.
PPS.Welcome Eric313! HUGS!


Heart Of Darkness said...

Hello, you gorgeous thing you!!!!

If you look like shit, and I look worse then you, what the hell do I look like???? :O

I'm so offended right now! LOL

Oh, the spiacy krolewicz... cute! You make a cute couple! ;)

Edyta said...

awwwww :)
i am offended likewise!
i DO have ur pix. & u look fab. u heard me? go write on ur blog "i am super sexily beautiful" 20 times. that will teach u! hah!

Dan said...

Is that Yorkie? Hi Yorkie! He seems like one really cool dude! And you two look awesome together Eddy! Photoshop or no Photoshop!

Crashdummie said...

oey, dont make me come there to smack you - you are a wonderfully cute, adoreable lil' sweetheart, and your inner beauty shines even stronger than your outer, if that even is possible!

No, not feeding ur ego, just being honest! :)

You guyz look smashing -wiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

Heart Of Darkness said...

It's the battle of the beauty-allstars... LOL

Oh, and you may or may not have been tagged to do your own iTunes list - if you can pull yourself away from Yorkie for a second or two... ;)

Edyta said...

Yup, thats Yorkie. He is a sweetie, aint he?
On the inside, outside - everywhere!
Thanx sooo much for ur kind words! :)

Edyta said...

Naaaaaah, i'm as ordinary as can be, haha!
awwww, stop being so kind cuz i'll melt!

Edyta said...

u r really keeping me going with my blog. i think without u, i'd leave it rotting, as i always do. haha. ewwww!

Kao said...

wow and more wow!!!

Did you say u didn't have any qualifications to become a model????

indeed you were kidding!!!

Lol! those ARE REALLY GOOD PICTURES!!! your writting and your pic are the same: just awesomely great!!!

and... talking of pics... did you have a look at my fotolog? I got new look!

and there's a new post... hope you like it... xD

see you, kisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssses and hugs...®

Edyta said...

i diiid!
its sooo sweet.
just i didnt understand everything cuz it wasnt in english :S

but its cool!


Kao said...

well I can translate... would you like me to do it?

and.. a question:

do you use msn messenger?

cause if you do, u ca add me... xD

tell me if you need the translation.. XD

see you, kissssssssssssses and hugs...®

Jay said...

Those are great photos. I don't know how to use photoshop very well at all. I wish I could make my pics looks better sometimes. Mostly I wish I could make pics of me look better. LOL

eric1313 said...

It's sick! Camera's everywhere, so people all think they have to be models.

You think about good subjects in interesting new ways. That's a good thing. Very good. And your pics are sweet. You know that!

Looks like you two are happy together...

That's what I love--when people are happy. They need to read more love poems!

Take care

Power Pneumatics said...

Hello! I've been thinking about the same thing lately, how precious the pics taken from the old cameras were. Pics then were precious in a sense that you're only given one shot to get it right and you can only have a few shots unless you want to blow your film on the same event or the same scene. Plus, people don't know how the pics turns out until they were developed.

I look like shit on this pic. Delete it...." I couldn't agree more. I guess now, it's taken for granted by a number of people but nevertheless, we cannot deny it's efficiency. If you need it done or printed, you can go upload it immediately in the computer... and you know it's other benefits.

I kinda miss the old days when my mom would snap pictures of me using the old cam and I'd be excited how it turns out but I have to wait for the whole film to be finished first. And we have to be economical -we have to choose what, when and where to shoot to get it right.

Nice pics, btw. You look like a model in the first one and the third one looks like a scene from the Transformers. =P

Heart Of Darkness said...

Well, somebody's gotta do it! ;)

So, why not honor the tag already???? *grrrrr*

curryegg said...

You're so beautiful!!!!
I love your photos! And I believe that you are beautiful in real. right?
Nice post!!!

xianfu said...

SOmeone updated!!!

n someone ..POSTED A COMMENT ON MY BLOG.. saying....... when will i update my post?

hjuahauhauahua.. soon dd...soon!! u wont b kept waiting for long :)

hahahahaha.. ur last picture..u n yorkie.. tats so gonna reproduce it.. wit a male guy of mine! yeaaaaahhhhhh!!! ..

btw..why cant i be beautiful in my own pic? i wan 2 be beautiful..! so paranoid nowadays .. haha


Edyta said...

i added u, i think haha!
i love ur new play!!!!!!!!

Edyta said...

i also wish i could use photoshop & look at HOW would i look being perfect. a perfect face & body etc, like celebs have. that would be sooo interesting!

Edyta said...

heeeey there!
well, i too, sometimes have that perfect pic fever!
well earlier pics were memories, now pics r a waste of space on the pc or something, there r overloads & some r sooo pointless!

Edyta said...

long time no see, girl. busy bee, huh?
well, "I kinda miss the old days when my mom would snap pictures of me using the old cam and I'd be excited how it turns out but I have to wait for the whole film to be finished first"
THATS SOOOOO RIGHT! i remember the same thing in my family! its awesome! this whole expectation thingie. i used to love most pics. now i hate most pics.

Edyta said...

Guess i'll skip the tag. i SO dont get enough sleep. haha. no power to update. it shall stay as rotten as it is atm :D i need to seriosuly do something with my sleeping :D

Edyta said...

Well, ppl look different on pics & real life. hehe. but i am sure u r as cute as u seem to be on ur pics!!! & me? i dunno. i never looked too good on pics :D

Edyta said...

someone updated thats right. & it freaking wasnt u!!!!!!!
give me 20 reasons why. NOW.

"gonna reproduce it.. wit a male guy of mine! "
who needs a pic besides me? a psycho maniac? i can think of only that
haha :D

Heart Of Darkness said...

Yeah like letting be the Sleeping Beauty for a few hours... ;)

You wont honor the tag? I'm SO insulted right now! :O

Edyta said...

haha :D
insulted? yup. NOW u have the full right to sue me. DO IT. we all know u want to. :D

eric1313 said...

Right--people just delete all their pics now if they het sick of the space being taken, they barely ever get printed. It makes people take it all for granted now, when a long time ago, photography was special. Not that long ago, actually.

I also like to play with the lighting and different props and settings to take pics in. I like an artistic, out of focus pic that has other elements to it, besides just how good aor bad we think we look. It's tough.

Heart Of Darkness said...

Oh, don't you tempt me! LOL

What can I sue you for... hum... what's your shoe size, and do you have a substantial collection of proper footwear (and with proper I mean J. Plimer, Jimmy Choos and/or Manolo Blahniks)????

Julia said...

Goshh, love your photos ;]] C'mon you don't need any photoshop, they're good as they are, maybe just to make them look more artsy ;]
and I notice one more advantage of having friend like Erick ;] Yep, you have loads of beautiful photos.
And you + Yorkie ;] you two look cute together, yummie

What's more, I also hate this era of digital cams, really :( I'm so tired with plenty of those pics, checking and deleting them and when finally you don't like any of them :| i wanna good old times baaack ;(

Ok don't mind this, i liked your post much anyway ;)
Huuugs to you and Yorkie ;)

Kao said...

mmm, it seems you've been busy... xD

hey! I posted something in anger's angel... there's wut u asked for.. xD


sorry if I'm slow to post, I haven't got the time... but I'll try to be staedy... xD

I changed the msn hotmail account,, just accept the request I sent to you.. xD

that's it for today...

I've been down also so don't wonder why I don't post.. It's just that I'm doing sth else to forget... xD

see you, kisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssses and hugs...®

String said...

Excellent pics! Love the top two!

gledwood said...

hey I heard a thing on the radio... is it true ferry loads of FINNS come finning along on ferry boats up to Lithuania and Latvia to buy cheap alcohol? And that they're all pickled out of their brains now because of cheap drinks?? Ha ha!! Sorry I shouldn't find that funny but somehow.... oh well how are yOU EDYTA?? I am in a pickle as per usual I am like a dog chasing its tail.... i once saw a bird with a piece of bread stuck in its tail it kept hopping round and round it was so funny

xianfu said...

my 1st of 20 reasons....

but before i list down my 20reasons..

allow me to ask u dd..


WHY??? WHY??? .. now..explain it to me in 40reasons NOW :) 20reasons of not updating..
1) Becoz u updated
2) Becoz u updated early than me
3) U updated with a pic
4) U updated a pic without me in it
5) U updated a post without even waitin for me to update
6) You update too early
7) I was sick (n still am Dd.. pray for d Lord.. )
8) Dd ate my keyboard
9) Dd ate my mouse
10) I forgot how to write a post

i stop at 10.. shall b continued :)

xianfu said...

2) earlier than me.. geez..

u sick could alter ur twin bro writing skill xD

Edyta said...

It sure is tough. I just hope to cure myself from this complete bullshit!!!!

"they barely ever get printed."
thats right! most of the time they r just deleted & forgotten & may haps they were actually great!!

Edyta said...

guess u wont sue me this time.
I have my Nikes & other sneakers. I dont wear high heels. I just have 2 pairs of high heels & thats more than enough for me! haha.
Nothing to sue me for, I guess :S

Edyta said...

Thanx :)

"I'm so tired with plenty of those pics, checking and deleting them and when finally you don't like any of them :|"
me too but i keep doing it. GAWD, I'm awful!

Edyta said...

they aren't even half as good as urs!

Edyta said...

yes! i've been busy here there & everywhere!
will read ur post soon & will add u soon aswell.

Edyta said...

i hope u will be doing better soon!
meanwhile i am a busy bee here myself!

Edyta said...

If i come to ur blog now... & dont see ur update... pray... pray...

york said...

i just want to say sweeet pix sweet days i mean the best days ever!! i wish u won't forget these sweet days :) i love u :******~~

Edyta said...

i love u too :)

Drama Div@ said...

u look really good... should i give credit to the photographer or the camera?


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