Sunday, August 05, 2007

We ARE We. & We're different. We <3 it.

Guess what?

I've been awarded yet again.
*~By Crashie (oooh such a sweetheart)
"Cuz she is such a lil’ sunshine & so incredibly talented that she blows my mind. Just thinking about her makes me grin. And who could not just adore her avatar!"
*~ By Curryegg (she's adowable)
"She's such a cute and lovely blogger. Everyone loves her. So, this is why you deserve this award."
Thanx so much, girls. You both are awesome.

But you know what?
I am Vain. You heard me. VAIN. That's why i decided to make my own award to thank all of you, who read my boringass notes & left comments & was there for me. The rules of my award are sooo simple.
*~Grab this award, upload it & enjoy it.
*~When u feel the time has come; make up ur own award & give it to the ppl u adore :) it can be in a year, it can be tomorrow. It can never be. U decide. Here it is:

IMPORTANT: U R A receiver of my award, if ur name is:
*~ Agata - she is my ultimate best friend. & she is awesome. & when i hear her say: "Edyta, you are an evil/cruel woman" I tend to think it was a compliment.
*~ Berna - she is sooo creative & philosophical. A deep thinker. I love her for that.
*~ Caz - even when she's grumpy, i am 100 % sure she's funny. She always makes me laugh.
*~ Crashie - she is a sweeeeeeeetie. Definitely. I bet she can make salt taste sweet.
*~ Curryegg - i LOVE her pics. She always has a surprise for us installed. We all love to see pics of places we havent been before & decide on visiting them ;)
*~ Dan - I think "Dan" is the other word for "caring & energetic".
*~ Drama Div@ - I love her mood button :) & she is full of positive energy that makes her readers smile. I should KNOW!
*~ Gled - for the honesty. This guys is frank & candid. Doesn't hide anything. Always has an opinion to share :)
*~ Hart - she is so sexily feminime. A talented writer & her drawings are amazing :) the perfect chatpal for those cold evenings when ur hand freezes while clicking the mouse.
*~ Jay - I am sooo sure if i made a "SAVE TEQUILA" campaign, he'd be the first to join it. Haha. This guy always makes everyone smile. I said ALWAYS.
*~ Joshua - i admire his writings & his sense of humor. & POEMS! One of the most creative ppl on the blogosphere.
*~ Julia - mah soulmate. Mah gangsta. Mah P.I.M.P. Mah homie. Good girl gone bad :D
*~ Kao - let's go & face it: his writing is sexy. He very very creative & friendly :) what a sweet combination of both words.
*~ Ravi - I'm his fan. Incredibly talented, honest & kind-hearted. These people are rare nowadays. I'm lucky to have a chatmate like that.
*~ String - the person to whom I am for some reason connected! Maybe because i adore her way of thinking & her pics? Most probably.
*~ Xian - the best bro in the whole world! I think i wouldn't bear living with him cuz i'd choke up with laughter! He's da sunshine after da rain! (& no, u r not getting those adies)

I hope you all like the award becoz u all r original. ThanX GAWD i decided to write a blog back in the day :)
PS. OMG! I already got my own award back @ me. Haha. The Blogosphere is a crazy thing :D


Heart Of Darkness said...

Aw, you are da bomb, sweety!

How can someone as hot as you ever freeze? LOL

Thanks BUNDLES for the nomination!

Edyta said...

u r always welcome :)
& dont thank me. u obviously deserve it.

Heart Of Darkness said...


I so obviously did! ;)

Ze skinem to pomalu... ale do przodu! ;D Zawsze cos, nie?

Edyta said...

lepiej cos niz nic. hehe.
boze - robienie porzadkow w domu to morderstwo. *vomits*

Dan said...

Eddy, I think you're super for doing this. Thanks so much my very sweet friend. All those other folks you mention are wonderful. Like you. Hugs and love Eddy.

curryegg said...

Yoh... thank girl for the award.. Original Award.. haha... I will post it soon. Now I'm preparing to go back to my hostel. It's 10.30pm now.. Uhh... I'm lazy to go back.. :(

Edyta said...

awww, i am sooo not super for doing this. would i do this if my winners weren't super? :)

Edyta said...

Yup, original award heading towards an original girl! Ya know? I was sooo happy to get that schmooze award from ya! Thank ya!

xianfu said...


I WON AN AWARD!!!!! yeaaAhahahahahahahahahahahahaahah *dancing around wit Dd's fav undies on my head*

gosh.. I didnt have enough time 2 prepare my speech Dd.. geez.. u gave me such a short notice.. :) *wipe tears off my face*

.. okAy.. *coughs*
I wanna thank Dd of course.. for this such amazing award! Ur such a GUD SIS XD i also wanna thanks my family n my friends who are always there for me... THANKS U GUYS! Love ya all

*claps claps* ... huahuahuahuahua...



Edyta said...

how cuteeee!
now where's the update or i am taking the award away?
what can i do if blackmail is the only option...

String said...

Hey thanks for that! x

Heart Of Darkness said...

Wiem, ja tez nie nawidze sprzatac!!! Huga - co ja bym nie zrobila zeby miec wlasznego butlera... haha

A propos - jak ci sie podoba moj blog? Narazie moze byc, huh? :D

Edyta said...

dont thank me. it's just my thought abt ur place right there :) it's a real creative alchemy on ur blog :) no wonder its called that way. hehe

Edyta said...

i luv the picture & the blending in it. i guess u can mix & match. ja to nie wiem jak to robi sie :) with photoshop?

Crashdummie said...

hahaha omg u are such a sweetheart, thanx huN!

wiiiiiiiiiiii!! *jumps around*

Heart Of Darkness said...

Ja uzywam Arcsoft Photopaint - kocham ten program!

Edyta said...

*joins Crashieee in jumping around*
i am sooo not the one who's a sweetheart :D but U R!
yaaaay! *claps*
awards r fun!

Edyta said...

wiesz ja z wioski, u nas na wiosce takiego programu jeszcze nie slyszeli :D
ale luv the effect. cute :)

Jay said...

An award ... FOR ME? FROM YOU??? From my dream girl? This is a great day!

You're just so lucky you live half-way across the world from me or you would have to get a restraining order or something. LOL

Okay, that sounded a little creepy. Anyway, you're awesome! You rock babe!

Heart Of Darkness said...

Kup sobie scanner z Canon, powinnas dostac go za darmo! :D

Gledwood said...

have you ever considered:
MAYBE just maybe I am being
FRANK and DIShonest!!
how would that be..??

love ya!!


Gledwood said...

ps did you get the movie star/supermodel job yet..???


Drama Div@ said...

Thanks, gurl.. and im proud of it. ...

Edyta said...

I am ur dream girl? Seriously, nightmares r all u see? haha :D
why should i get a restraining order if u r NOT stalking me AT ALL?
Then maybe u should start! LOL & no, it didnt sound creepy :D

Edyta said...

A ja jak ten duren juz mam HP skaner :S a tam tylko jakies glupie programki byly. No, ale nic. Przynajmniej moge podziwic ur blening from time to time. haha

Edyta said...

frank, dishonest & candid? haha :D now that's an unbelievable mixture of words. but i guess u'd make it happen. we both dunno how would u do it. but u rock!
& shit. no super model-actress career yet. haha. i am sooo not worth it. :D

Edyta said...

Drama Diva,
I guess the biggest award now for u is getting to travel & see a piece of the planet, huh?
But i'm happy when u r happy :)
PS. Looking forward for the pics!

Kao said...

(doing the model and miss universe thing: covering one's face and starting to cry)

LOL I got an award!!..

I don't know what to do!!! waaa!!!

oh,,, but talking seriously, I do have to thank you, ppl here don't consider my writting so god as you do, I guess they're used to another kind of childish and hypocritycal things and don't realise of any truth.. thy're blind...

I'm so grateful, I guess this is the first time I got a congratulation from abroad...


thank you again, really.

and going back to the jokes... I do agree with gled... you should take the plunge and start a model-actress carrer... I guess you'd do fine... xD besides you could act out a play I'm writting... xD lol

thank you, kisssssssssssssssssssses and hugs...®

Kao said...

mmm I'm copying the image and uploading it to my fotolog:

and of course I'm uploading it to my Blog also...

oh, yeah! I'm gonna read all the other nominated blogs 'cause if you nominated 'em they must be real good too.

thanks again... xD

see you, kisssssssssssses and hugs...®

Heart Of Darkness said...

Dziw sie dziw! :D

A jak z twoim spiacym krolewiczem....? ;)

Josh said...

Why thank you! It's an honor to be one of the inaugural winners of this award.

Edyta said...

ur very welcome.hehe. its sad that sometimes art idnt understood by some :S but i know i always have ur shoulder to pat, as u r keeping art with us.

& what r u talking abt?
what modelling? r u guys crazy? i am soooo not worth it.

Edyta said...

a ja sie i dziwie i podziwiam. O spiacym czy brutalnym krolewiczu koniecznie pochatujemy.

Edyta said...

No, it's an honor to have u on my list of talanted ppl :)

eric313 said...

Hello, Edyta
I'm glad to meet you. I see your licking avatar everywhere, so it's about time I said hello.

Crashy awarded me the I'm Original, and then I saw you created it. How... um.. creative! Totally, and no better word exists.

Thank you--and I agree, Crashy is awesome, her avatars, both the original and her new one are just so darn clickable.

Heart Of Darkness said...

Honey, phweeeeeeez update... :)

Kao said...

yeeee, xD

thanks a lot again...

welll, art isn't really appreciated here in concepción... lots of ppl fill their mouths wth high words in arts but they are extremely narrow minded...

I was posted by an anonimmous who said I didn't write well...

of course I have thought it right before... but you ppl have convinced me of the opposite...

so I just erased the comment and blocked my blog for anonimous posts

bright , isn't it...?

so... well, I have seen your photos and my mates have also... WE ALL AGREE YOU ARE QUALIFIED TO BECOME A MODEL OR AN ACTRESS!!!

and that's true, it's damn true... xD

ok, thanks for your support and we'll keep in touch...

seee you, kisssssssssssssssses and hugs... xD

Heart Of Darkness said...

No, seriously, sweety, update!!!!

how's sleeping beauty? ;)

Edyta said...

welcome aboard!
thank you so much for yor kind words! awww, they made me smile :)
& i am sooo happy u liked my "Hints of erotica" poem, also i am sooo happy that u agree with my point of view about this topic! yaaay!

Edyta said...

aaaaaanything for u.

Edyta said...

dont even pay attention to those who r anonymous! they r even afraid to say their own name! so why should their comment be necessary? its not :)
i love ur writing, i really do :)


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